The leaves are crunchier, the air is crisper and the sweaters are woolier. You know what that means… it’s hot beverage season, y’all. Whether your warmer of choice is spiced cider or black coffee, you can’t just sit there slurping it up with your hands like an animal. That beverage needs a home, and we’ve got just the mean mugs for the job. Not only are these indoor DIY projects great for when the temps drop, but if you start now, you’ll have all your Christmas gifts finished by Halloween!

1. Coffee Love Mug: We do heart coffee. Thanks for noticing, Mug. (via Albion Gould)

2. Hand-Painted Black and White Mug: Do you have a steady hand? Good, because we’re going to need you to make this herringbone printed mug for us. (via Wit and Whistle)

3. Paint Splatter Mug: The ’80s called and it wants its mug back. Too bad though, because we’re drinking cocoa out of it. (via The Paper Mama)

4. Gold-Dipped Mug: This mug is so pretty and chic that we feel like we’re going to need to upgrade our coffee brewing methods to match. (via Garland of Grace)

5. Lined Paper Mug: Perfect as a desk pen holder, this lined mug would also be an adorable Christmas gift for the teachers in your life. Only thing is, you’ll have to follow the instructions in French, so you should make an extra one for the French teacher. (via Madame Citron)

6. Dotted Minimalism Mug: This is so simple and understated that it makes the mug look like it cost a fortune. (via Ornamelle)

7. Taped Mugs: Create easy straight lines and geometric patterns using tape and ceramic paint like this blogger did. (via Crafting and Cooking)

8. Leafy Pattern: Since you can do so much with a Sharpie, why not illustrate yourself a signature design that you could use on all your dinnerware? (via Curious and Catcat)

9. State-of-the-Mug: Love flaunting your state pride over breakfast? Us too. (via Southern Mess)

10. Floral Teacup: Feminine and delicate, this hand-painted teacup has that vintage look down pat. (via Shelterness)

11. Camera Mugs: Start firing up your Instagram apps now, because these mugs are photogenic as hell. (via Natalme)

12. Black and Gold Confetti Coffee Mugs: We’d never guess these mugs were DIYed, but now that we know, we should probably make a whole set. (via Feathers of Gold)

13. Porcelain Marker Monster Mugs: We try not to pick favorites among our roundups, but come on. (via Tuts)

14. Glitter Dipped Coffee Mug Who would’a thunk it? This glitter mug is dishwasher safe. (via White House Black Shutters)

15. Chalkboard Mug: Chalkboard paint has always been a friend to Brit + Co, so we’re keen to try this project out. Spouses of the world, get ready for a lifetime weekend of waking up to cute coffee messages every morning. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Dripping Mug: Get messy with it and let the paint drip a little bit for a natural, chic effect. (via Thimbly Things)

17. Monogram Mugs: There’s absolutely no need to buy your own fancy monogram mug (you know the ones) when the DIY is this easy. (via I Should Coco)

18. Sprinkle Mugs: As we always say, MOAR SPRINKLES. (via Studio DIY)

19. Gold and Mint Spray Painted Mug: The name of this blog sounds like it could be an ’80s soap opera, and we mean that in the most complimentary way possible. We’ve also got quite a few compliments for this easy, spray painted, homemade mug. (via The Winthrop Chronicles)

20. Watercolor Mug: And now we must be going. We’re off to watercolor everything. (via BLDG25)

21. Watercolor Mug II: Told you, we meant everything. (via Poppytalk)

What mug will you be making this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.