Looking to add a little color to your glassware collection? Or perhaps just want to give some of those acrylic party glasses a creative upgrade? Each of these glasses took 5 minutes or less – all you need is a few paint pens and a good playlist! :)


– stemless acrylic wine glasses

– paint pens

For materials, we used these stemless acrylic wine glasses from Crate & Barrel and Decocolor Opaque Paint Markers.

For the confetti style ones, it’s about getting dotty (sound familiar?). Simply dot starting around the base and move up in an organic fashion. Add a few accent dots with another color and that’s it.

These dots definitely say “party time!” We love how the whole glass is infused with color even though you’re just adding paint to the bottom. Now, time to stripe!

For the striped ones, start by striping around the glass from the base with your first color. Then the second color. And the third. Done!

The stripes on these feel a little bit nautical and can easily be created in a gradient style if you’re still jamming on ombre.

Last we have the firework starburst style glass. For this you just start at the bottom and draw lines up about a third of the way to the top of the glass. Add another color and you’re done.

Baby you’re a fiiiiiire-work! Ok ok, but these glasses do have a festive vibe, no?

If you want to take this craft to the next level, we recommend turning these stemless glasses into a set of Universal Party Glasses (aka a wine glass and shot glass in one)!

Note: These glasses are not dishwasher safe – simply wash by hand and let dry, and your colorful designs should stay intact.

What fun ideas do you have for adding color to ordinary glassware? Let us know your thoughts via Facebook or Twitter!

(Photos via Brit + Co)