As we go on our quest to live healthier lives with organic food, cleaning products and toys for our children, our makeup drawers often get overlooked. But if you truly desire to live an all-natural life, even your beauty products need a makeover. Before you start perusing and balking at the prices of store-bought organic makeup, take a look at these 10 natural makeup recipes that use ingredients from your kitchen.


1. Kool-Aid Lip Plumper + Stain: Get the plump red lips of your beauty dreams with this DIY lip stain. All you’ll need is some honey, a little Kool-Aid and cayenne. (via Brit + Co)

diy blush

2. DIY Blush: Add a little color to your cheeks with this powder that is literally two ingredients. You can even adjust the shade to your liking for the perfect hue. (via A Blossoming Life)

diy eyeliner

3. DIY Eyeliner: Believe it or not, this super simple eyeliner is made from activated charcoal and water. Plus it’s organic, so it won’t irritate your eyes. (via A Blossoming Life)

diy eyeshadow

4. DIY Eyeshadow: This recipe uses a variety of different spices to give you all these gorgeous colors. But you’re welcome to take the base recipe and experiment to find your own unique shade. (via Thank Your Body)

homemade lip gloss

5. Tinted Lip Gloss: Before you throw out the crumbling leftovers of your organic blush, stir it up with some vaseline to make this wonderful tinted lip gloss. You’ll never want to go back to the store-bought stuff. (via Free People)

diy powder foundation

6. Homemade Powder Foundation: For you light-skinned ladies, here’s a recipe that uses ingredients from your spice cabinet to make a full-coverage powder that will last you all day long. It’s also great for sensitive skin. (via Live Simply)

diy cream foundation

7. Organic Cream Foundation: Not only does this recipe contain all kinds of stuff that’s great for your skin, but it also will give you some sun protection. Win-win. (via Scratch Mommy)

diy bronzer

8. DIY Bronzer: Whip up this bronzer with stuff you’ve already got in your spice cabinet. It smells so good that you might have a hard time not eating it. (via Free People)

diy lip shimmer

9. Strawberry Lip Shimmer: Just mix up some organic butters and essential oils to get this fab shimmer stick. You can use it on your lips AND your cheeks. Multipurpose makeup FTW. (via Humblebee and Me)

diy organic powder

10. Organic Powder Foundation: Looking for a natural power foundation for your beautiful bronze skin? Here are recipes for three different shades, which you can adjust until you find the perfect match. (via Scratch Mommy)

diy lip balm

11. DIY Lip Balm: With all that summer sun and vacation breeze, lip care and protection is always a good idea. Try out this organic lip balm that you can flavor with mint or lemon coconut. (via Go Make Me)

Do you have any all-natural makeup recipes that you recommend? Share them with us below!