I’m sure you guys know this, but I love clothes. I have probably written about this over 100 times — as you know, I think of my love for clothes more like a collection. I’m not a shopaholic — I’m a collector :) One of my favorite hobbies within the clothing realm is to find a piece that I want, examine it, and then make it myself. This DIY was inspired by a Reformation Copacabana Top ($128) that I fell in love with. With that price tag, I knew this piece was something I could DIY for much less. Follow along below to recreate this tank for the warm summer months ahead.

Materials and Tools:

Let’s get started!

Measure from your chest bone to your hips — cut a square out of linen fabric using this measurement. Ours was 20 x 20-inches.

Time to take more measurements — measure across your chest (think bra strap to bra strap) and your arm pit measurement (top of your shoulder to under your armpit). Measure the length of your armpit along the not folded side of the fabric, and half of your chest measurement along the top of the rectangular fabric. Draw and then cut a curved line between the two marks.

Measure the top edge of the fabric, add 10 inches onto that measurement, and jot it down for the next step.

Fold over a 1/4-inch of fabric, iron, and then sew.

Time to add in an elastic waist band. Fold your shirt in half and pin about 1/4-inch from the fold. Sew down the pinned line. Thread elastic cord through the small seam. Stitch over one edge of the elastic to hold in place. Pull the opposite side to ruche the waist line. Stitch the elastic in place and then trim.

Time to cut out six straps and the ruffled piece for the shirt. The straps should be 20 x 3-inches. The ruffle piece should be the length of the measurement you took above x about 10-inches. The height is totally up to you. It is a ruffle piece, so make sure that the height is appropriate for your chest.

Iron over the edge of the fabric twice to hide the cut edge. Sew the two shorter sides and one long side on a regular setting. Sew the last long edge with a long stitch length and zero tension. Do not reverse stitch on this edge.

The long stitch length and zero tension will cause the fabric to ruffle up! Pin onto the top edge of the shirt.

Sew in place. Do not try to smooth out the fabric; let the machine sew on top of the ruffles.

Once the fabric has been attached, use a seam ripper to remove the zero-tension stitches.

Fold the straps in half and stitch down the open side. Turn inside out and then iron flat. Complete for all six straps.

Pin two straps to each side, sandwiching the elastic waist band. Pin the final two straps to the top of the shirt and then the bottom half to the appropriate spot on the upper horizontal straps. The best way to do this is to slip it onto your body and have a friend pin the straps to create the perfect length for your frame. Once everything is pinned, sew in place.

Throw on some denim and you have the perfect classy yet casual summertime outfit.

But come on — that back though! To die for <3 <3

Our beloved Karen is leaving Brit + Co and moving back down to LA to be with her family and boyfriend. We will miss her creativity energy and can-do spirit here at B+C HQ.

One silly one for the road <3 We love you Karen!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre

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