It’s no secret that we’re mad about zippers here at Brit HQ. We’ve added them to jeans, turned them into bracelets, and a whole bunch of other accessories. Well, we’re at it on the zipper front and this time it’s all about making a statement. A statement necklace, that is ;)

 – gold chain (for on the necklace as well as to hold it)

– 3 black zippers (with gold teeth)

– 4 multi-colored zippers

– O rings

– leather or faux leather to create the base

 – scissors

– E-6000 glue

– lighter

– needle nose pliers

We used a few odds and ends from our zipper bracelets kit!

First, cut your leather into a bib-shaped template. Measure it on yourself to make sure it suits you.

Next, prep your zippers. For the black ones, cut off each end (save the zipper pull). Then cut off the excess fabric.

Use a lighter to seal the edges, then pull the two teeth sides apart.

Do the same thing with all of your colorful zippers, but no need to reserve the zipper pull.

Look at all those lovely zippers!

Woohoo! It’s time to use that zipper pull. Use glue to attach two zipper pulls to the end of the leather necklace base. Use pliers to secure.

Now it’s time to make those zipper stripes. Squeeze a thin stripe of glue onto the leather base and place your first zipper piece. Repeat with each piece, adding two stripes of chain into the mix.

Use scissors or pliers to cut off zipper and chain ends at the end of the leather base.

You’re almost done! How hot does that look?

To add chain, simply bend your chain links so that they loop through each zipper pull. If your chain is too small, use O rings. Add a clasp and you’re done!

How awesome is that zipper pull?

Have you ever tried repurposing zippers into jewelry? Would you rather buy or DIY a necklace like this? Talk to us in the comments below.