When temperatures started to rise, we shared our favorite summer nail art tutorials. And now that we’re headed into fall, we’re gushing over trends for the upcoming season that you have to check out. While the colors are getting predictably richer in tone, the designs are as creative as ever. So get your digits ready to nail down these 12 stunning fall nail trends!

1. 3D Jewels: From colorful gemstones to silver studs, 3D embellishments are all the rage this fall. This trend can get cartoony real fast, so we love how these tiny golden teardrops keep it classy. (via …Love Maegan)

2. A Twist on Neutral: Who says a neutral nails can’t be exciting? This mix of shimmery mocha and espresso-colored tips are scoring high points in our style book. (via Essie)

3. Metallic: The shinier, the better with this nail craze. We love that the secret to getting this almost cosmic look is applying nail polish with aluminum foil! (via Miss Ladyfinger)

4. Fun with Black: It’s about time we started jazzing up this dreary shade! Golden half moons dress up these black digits for a look that’s perfect for any special occasion. (via The Beauty Department)

5. Oxblood Red Ombre: Brace yourselves: oxblood is shaping up to be the color of the season. While it may have a scary name, this deep burgundy adds automatic drama to any outfit, especially in an ombre mani. (via Steve Madden)

6. Outlined Nails: We agree with this tutorial that outlining your nails really makes them pop! We’ve seen some pretty outlines using silver polish, while this darker style looks super chic. Can you spot two other trends we’ve already listed on this mani? (via Lulu’s)

7. Glitter Fade: Even though you know we’d never pass up a chance to include glitter anything in a roundup, this fade is extremely on-trend for fall. While it may seem a but meticulous to give yourself, the dazzling is worth a try. (via The Beauty Department)

8. Gilded Nails: If you love crackle nail polish, then this DIY gilded mani is for you. This worn effect uses the same genius technique as the metallic manicure we just mentioned. (via The Quiet Lion)

9. Triangle Nail Art: Of all the totally rad geometric manis to choose from, it looks like triangles will reign supreme this season. Luckily, it not only looks amazing, it’s so easy to pull off. (via Pretty Prudent)

10. Tie Dye: We found some chic ways to work tie dye into your wardrobe, but have we found a fab way to wear it on your nails? The jury’s still out on this one, so we suggest using this awesome technique to play around with fall’s must-have polish colors. (via Miss Ladyfinger)

11. Dots: This mani will have you seeing spots, in a good way! Pro tip: a dotting tool will come in very handy for this bold and bubbly manicure. (via Chalkboard Nails)

12. The New French: We’re high tailing it to the nail salon with a photo of this ultra luxe mani. From the faux oval nail shape to the glamorous mix of beige and navy, this nail art has to be our fall favorite. (via Lisa Eldridge)

Which nail art trend is your favorite? Did we miss any designs that are fit for fall? Talk to us in the comments below!