Y’all ready for this? The mirror you see on the left is a piece of Anthropologie beauty that goes for $1,800. The one on the right? Hacked by us and for less than $20. Win!! Read on to see how we did it.

 – 10-15 small (1.5 inch) wooden circle cutouts
– 10-15 large (3 inch) wooden circle cutouts
– 5-10 small (1 inch) circular mirrors
– 5-10 large (2 inch) circular mirrors
– tea bags (black teas are best)

– wood glue

– mounting tape or adhesive hooks (for hanging)

Begin by staining some of the wooden cutouts with the wet tea bag.

This can be done by rubbing the bag on the cutouts or simply dripping the tea on to the wood and spreading with your finger. Try different tea bags for different hues. Let the wood dry off for 20 minutes.

Place your cutouts and mirrors in any design we want. Since we’re on the copycat kick, we went with a design super similar to Anthropologie’s Wooden Orbit Mirror.

Use the wood glue to glue down the mirrors to the wood and to glue the wood cutouts together. Let dry overnight.

Hang up your masterpiece using command strips or hooks.


What pricey pieces have you coveted at stores like Anthropologie? Anything we should try DIYing? Talk to us in the comments below.