There’s always that one friend who has a gift-giving superpower. They’ve got a serious knack for gifting the most amazing, personalized presents. The rest of us scramble to find our deskmate something to make them feel special at the last minute. That’s why we’ve teamed up with NBC’s Making It, to show you an easy DIY that anyone would enjoy. NBC’s Making It is a new feel-good reality competition series where makers take on handmade projects. Today, we’re bringing you a super simple DIY that anyone of any skill level can confidently create! This wood bead keychain DIY is guaranteed to make any giftee feel the love. Using wood beads and leather cord, you will create a modern, fun keychain inspired by holiday ornaments.

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Materials and Tools:

  • leather cord
  • keyring
  • sphere and hex wood beads
  • tinsel wire
  • scissors
  • paint pens

 1. Cut the leather cord to about 12 inches.

2. Attach leather cord to keyring.
3. String four wood shapes through the leather cord.
4. Tie a tight knot at bottom of the cord.
5. Attach tinsel.

6. Paint with paint pens.

Start by cutting a 12-inch piece from the leather cord.

Attach leather cord to keyring by tying it in a knot of your choice.

Pick four colors you love and string them onto the leather cord.

Tie a tight knot at bottom to keep your beads nice and secure.

Attach your twinkly tinsel for extra wow factor!

Personalize your keychain with paint pens.

Loving these colors with the silver.

Although these keychains have the perfect amount of holiday flair, your bud will be sure to rock them all year long!

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This post was paid for by NBC.