When you’re an adult, birthday parties can get pretty elaborate, but there’s something refreshing about going to a bash where the only theme is “birthday.” Throw it way back to your elementary school days with these birthday party favorites. While you won’t have your entire fifth grade class running around your parents’ house, you can still invite your best friends over to enjoy a classic b-day celebration. Bust out your craft paper and hot glue gun, because tissue paper garlands, birthday cake everything, and two-tone swirl candles are making a comeback. If anyone asks, it’s retro.

1. Paper Birthday Cake Box: Use it as decor or, you know, to wrap up a gift to yourself. Bonus points either way for the fancy tissue paper icing. (via Oh Happy Day)

2. DIY Birthday Cake Paper Tablecloth: Your birthday is no time to be subtle, and this amazing, over-the-top tablecloth is exactly what the day calls for. (via The House That Lars Built)

3. DIY Birthday Candle Balloons: Remember swirly candles? This adorable version uses balloons for a super-sized homage. (via Studio DIY)

4. DIY Pom-Pom Party Hat: These are soooo much cuter than the kind with a scratchy elastic chin strap. So what are you waiting for? To the yarn! (via Tell Love and Party)

5. Colorful Place Settings: Upgrade the tableware; keep the fun all-the-colors theme. (via Sugar & Cloth)

6. DIY Happy Birthday Banner: Take things up a notch with these custom banners. (via The House That Lars Built)

7. Party Favor Kits: It’s not a birthday party without a goodie bag! Your squad will love this grown-up version (think candies and lip balm). (via Ruth Eileen Photography / Style Me Pretty)

8. Birthday Party in a Box: Use this cake-shaped box as a centerpiece, and then when the party’s over, pack all your supplies in it and you won’t have any issues finding them when the next birthday rolls around! (via Damask Love)

9. DIY Cereal Box Piñatas: As a final surprise for guests, fill mini piñatas with candy and tiny favors. Just make sure you take your swings before you serve too many cocktails. (via A Pretty Cool Life)

10. DIY Birthday Balloon Cake Topper: Party balloons are a birthday staple, but with this modern take you don’t have to worry about peeling tape off the walls later. (via We Are Scout)

11. DIY Flameless Birthday Candles: If you want a more traditional take on the cake topper, these flameless candles will do the trick. (And no dripping wax!) (via Snowdrop and Co.)

Looking for more back-in-the-day birthday DIYs? Head over to our Pinterest for more ideas!