Oh, the big 3-0. It鈥檚 a happy welcoming of a new decade and a bittersweet farewell to the angsty 20s. One thing鈥檚 for sure 鈥 this major milestone deserves a party for the record books. And whether it鈥檚 for yourself or someone you love, kicking off a new decade is the perfect time for photo booths, bright lights and giant 3-0-shaped everything. We鈥檝e got plenty of drinks for you, but here are 16 fabulous 30th birthday party themes for throwing the best bash ever.

Kate Spade Party

1. Kate Spade-Themed Birthday: A party covered in glitter, gold and hot pink? We couldn鈥檛 think of a better way to celebrate a birthday, no matter what age you are. (via Pretty My Party)

movie party

2. Movie Night: Pile up the popcorn, because everyone will want to come to your outdoor movie night party. Plus, the birthday girl gets to pick the feature film. (via Kara鈥檚 Party Ideas)

taco bar party

3. Taco Fiesta: Everybody loves tacos. Serve them up at your bash with a big mess of toppings for the ultimate party food. (via Wedding Chicks)

photobooth faces

4. Trip Down Memory Lane: Print out faces of the birthday girl over the past 30 years and have them available in the photo booth. Best. Props. Ever. (via Little Miss Momma)

gold champagne party

5. Champagne Party: Pull out all the stops (and New Year鈥檚 Eve decorations) for a sparkling champagne-themed birthday party. (via Catch My Party)

glamping party

6. Glamping Party: We鈥檙e not sure which would be more fun 鈥 setting up for the party or the party itself. (via Domaine)

spa party

7. Spa Party: Sometimes all you really want for your birthday is a night off. Celebrate with a spa party, and don鈥檛 forget to include all those wonderful face masks. (via Darling Darleen)

older than dirt party

8. Dirty Thirty Party: Everyone is familiar with the phrase 鈥渙lder than dirt,鈥 but make it your party鈥檚 theme and it鈥檒l be a unique one for sure. (via Dear Lizzy)

adult sleepover

9. Adult Sleepover: Remember the old days of staying up all night with your besties? Bring them back by hosting a birthday sleepover for the adults. We suggest boozy root beer float shots to really get the party started. (via Apartment Therapy)

roaring twenties party

10. Roaring Twenties Birthday: Break out the pearls and cocktails for a birthday bash of Gatsby proportions. (via Two Purple Couches)

neon 80s party

11. 鈥80s Party: Or maybe use a theme not quite so far behind that features neon colors, big hair and leg warmers. Yes, we鈥檙e talking about the 鈥80s. (via Hostess With The Mostess)

chanel party

12. Chanel Party: This is the perfect occasion to bust out your LBD and expensive Chanel perfume. (via Maddycakes Muse)

bloody mary bar

13. Bloody Mary Brunch Blowout: If it really is all about the drinks, then why not make them the main feature of your b-day party? Try giving a bloody mary bar a go. (via Foodie Crush)

moroccan party

14. Moroccan-Themed Party: Finally, an opportunity to throw a party that鈥檚 all-patterned-everything. Bonus points if you have an instructor come teach you and your besties how to belly dance. (via Anders Ruff)

30 balloons

15. Golden Hours: Don鈥檛 be shy. Bring on gold and shout your age loud and proud with some great big metallic balloons. (via Nat Your Average Girl)

mad men party

16. Mad Men Party: We hope grandma kept her vintage party dress, because it鈥檚 about to get a second wind at your 鈥60s style 30th birthday party. (via Kara鈥檚 Party Ideas)

What are you planning for your big 30th? If you鈥檝e been there done that, do you have any epic ideas to share? Tell us below!