Flowers are blooming, Easter is coming and color is popping up all around us. It’s hard not to feel inspired now that the sun is out longer. With spring colors in mind, here is a DIY to give your wall some love — a springtime watercolor-inspired backdrop to hang as decor for Easter Brunch or a fun photo booth backdrop! Get our your paintbrush and some fabric, and let’s get painting.


This watercolor backdrop was sparked by our watercolor painting class. And what better way to welcome spring than with some fresh Easter colors?!


— white unbleached muslin fabric

— fabric paint (we used Dye-na-flow)

— acrylic paint (we used Martha Stewart and Folk Art)

— water

— copper pipe

— cotton rope

— gloves

— plastic trash bags


— paintbrushes (various sizes)

— scissors

— hot glue gun

— glue sticks


Put on your watercolor shoes, ’cause it’s time to paint.


Cut your muslin fabric to the size you desirem plus six extra inches to wrap around your copper pipe. We cut eight feet.


Lay your garbage bags across the surface you’ll be working on. Unfold your fabric and lay flat on top of the garbage bags.

Pro Tip: Tape the bags to each other and to the table/surface to prevent them from sliding around.


There are so many painting techniques to try! We mixed it up with some abstract paint strokes coated with water. This gave it a washed-out look. To get this look, we actually used acrylic paints because they popped more on the fabric.


Try dotted lines, painted shapes, different size paintbrushes or splatters to create your masterpiece.


You really can’t go wrong with some Jackson Pollock-inspired drops. After you’re finished painting, lay your fabric out to dry. We hung ours out in the sun and it was dry within an hour!


Once your fabric is dry, lay it face down on the table and grab your hot glue gun and copper pipe (a wooden dowel can work as well). Fold your fabric around your copper pipe and hot glue the folded piece so that your copper pipe is nice and snug. String your rope through the pipe or tie to each end of your wooden dowel. Pull the rope evenly through your copper pipe and knot and tie a bow in the center. TADA! Now just hang it on a nail or screw!

Pro Tip: Tape the folded fabric all the way across your pipe so that it stays evenly folded. Remove the tape as you hot glue.


We made two different backdrops — one with more defined shapes and strokes and one to emulate watercolors!


What other projects will you paint or watercolor? Show us your photos using the Insta hashtags #iamcreative and #britstagram.