We’re all about watercolor right now. We just love the way the colors melt together to create a beautiful work of art. Though watercolor is mostly famous for its use in traditional paintings, we’re down to apply it to other — more unexpected — projects. Today, we’re taking the paintbrush to some shoes to create the perfect pair of watercolor sneakers for your spring wardrobe. Created by Alyssa at Random Acts of Pastel, we’re swooning over these pink, purple and blue beauties.


Materials and Tools:

  • — white sneakers
  • — watercolor paint
  • — iridescent medium (optional)
  • — two jars of water
  • — a few paintbrushes
  • — fabric medium


1. Mix your colors by watering down each shade and testing the color on a paper towel. If you want to make a color shimmery, add a touch of iridescent medium (we did this with the green and blue for a mermaid-like effect).

2. Start painting your shoes! Use bigger brushes to cover more surface area, then add details and different colors with a smaller brush. There’s no wrong way to do this!

3. Wait until the paint has dried, then paint over the entire shoe with a mix of three parts water and one part fabric medium. This will seal in the colors so they last.

  1. shoes-with-paintTesting your colors on a paper towel before painting works well, since the texture is similar to the canvas shoes.
  2. SHoes-no-lacesPull out the laces if you don’t want to get paint on them (or if you aren’t into wearing laces at all!).
  3. toedsLook at these pretty little toes.
  4. heelsSo sole-ful :)
  5. dipping-paintFinish them off with a mix of three parts water and one part fabric medium to seal the deal.
  6. Shoes-in-airAnd there you have it — one of a kind shoes that look like you’re walking on a work of art.

What other projects will you watercolor? Show us your photos using the Insta hashtags #iamcreative and #britstagram.

DIY Production and Styling: Alyssa Garrison

Photography: Alyssa Garrison