When we hear the word “fairy,” we all picture something totally different. There are the bubblegum princess fairies, the fantasy FernGully fairies and everything in between.

For this installment of Halloween Makeup, we decided to create a pretty, natural, woodland-inspired fairy look. There is a lot of layering and small details, but ultimately, th look is very simple to achieve, and your outfit options are truly endless!

1. Start with a natural makeup look for your base so you have a barrier of your normal makeup between the stage makeup. This will help protect your skin if there are any sensitivities to the more intense makeup that your skin may not be used to.

2. Apply a generous layer of foundation that is lighter than your natural skin tone. I am using Covergirl Tru Blend in Ivory ($10).

3. Apply Ben Nye Creme Color in White as your highlighter underneath your eyes, bridge of your nose, upper lip, chin, and in between your eyebrows using a makeup sponge.

4. Set your foundation with a translucent face powder like Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder ($49).

5. Cover your eyelids up to your brow bones with a light cream shadow like MAC in Vanilla ($22).

6. Now add a medium taupe brown shadow like Naked in Naked ($54) to your creases.

7. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply a bright yellow shimmer shadow like the one in the Pop Beauty Sunshine Palette ($33) to the inside corners and inside halves of your eyelids.

8. Line the inside of your lower lash line with a white eyeliner like NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil in White ($5) to open and brighten your eyes.

9. Use a medium brown shadow like Naked in Naked ($54) to line your lower lash line for subtle definition.

10. Brighten the inside corners and below the insides of your eyes with a bright shimmery eyeshadow like the one in the Pop Beauty Sunshine Palette ($33).

11. Give your upper and lower lashes a couple coats of your favorite mascara.

12. Contour your face in the hollows of your cheeks, temples, along your hairline and along your jawline with a matte bronzer like Hoola by Benefit ($39).

13. Highlight with Sunbeam by Benefit ($28) on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

14. On your lips, you want to go with a matte nude color like Myth by MAC ($34).

15. Use your finger to tap on a copper glitter pigment like MAC Copper Pigment ($38).

16. Don’t be shy with your blush. Go for a bright peach color with lots of shimmer like Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral ($6).

17. Apply feather lashes to your eyebrows for an ethereal whimsical topper!

As you can see, the final look of this fairy coordinates nicely with a warm, deep red wig, but this makeup look can go with ANY hair color. We’d love to see what other hairstyles and outfits you pair it with!

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