When I found out I was going to do a fairy costume, I was so stoked! As a kid, my favorite things to draw were rainbows, unicorns and fairies, so I definitely have a natural affinity for sparkly, mystical things. There are so many different interpretations of fairies and it was hard for me to choose a specific direction, but in the end, I decided to go with a woodland-flower-nymph-type fairy.

This costume at its core is really simple to make, so if you step up your Halloween game, go all out with hair and makeup! Misty, our Beauty Editor, totally brought this costume to the next level with this ethereal hair and makeup look. If you’re more of the casual Halloween costume-wearer, do a simpler hair and makeup look. Regardless, you’re going to look amazing! Let’s get to it.


I bought a babydoll dress from Forever 21 and glued fake plastic leaves and flowers all over the bodice. I also added some sequins for extra sparkle. The wings were something I already had in my closet, but they came from The Disney Store.


I made a flower crown with some plastic leaves and flowers, attaching them to floral wire with glue. If you’ve never made a flower crown before, follow this super easy flower crown tutorial.


As a final touch, I glued flowers, leaves and sequins to a pair of gladiator sandals. These sandals were from the little girls’ section at Target, and they were on sale (woot! woot!).


Hair: Beauty Editor Misty here! To get this wild fairy hair, simply add some waves throughout your hair, spray with a light hold hair spray and sea salt spray. Let the waves cool, then use a rat tail comb or back-combing brush throughout your hair. Gently back comb into the wave pattern to bring this unkempt, messy ‘do to life.

Makeup: This look was done using Lime Crime Electric/Barbarella Superfoil Eyeshadow Duos ($18) in the colors Tutu/En Point and Carriage/Glass Slipper. The purple and fuchsia are on her eyelids and the gold and blue blend onto her upper lids and forehead. To create a little more depth and add a pop of color, I used Ben Nye Creme Colors in Sky Blue ($6) to make little dots around her eyes, forehead and upper cheekbones, and I heavily lined her lower lash line as well. Finish the look with a pair of false lashes and fake flower petals adhered to her outer eyes using eyelash glue.


Our DIY Editor, Kelly, is absolutely the most perfect, ethereal fairy there ever was.


Watch as she flies around!


It’s official. Kelly is part Beyoncé, part fairy.

What type of fairy will you be for Halloween? Share your photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #iamcreative and tag @BritandCo. Need even more inspiration? Head to Pinterest STAT.

DIY Production + Styling: Irene Lee
 Makeup + Hair: Misty Spinney

Photography: Brittany Griffin
Modeling: Kelly Bryden