Halloween costumes are usually all about the clothes, but remember that makeup can be a costume in and of itself. You don’t have to be a skilled makeup artist to master all of these looks, either. Just get your creative juices flowing and open your mind to the magical madness that is Halloween makeup! Here are some of our favorite looks + tutorials.

1. Itsy Bitsy Spider Makeup: The shimmering purples + pinks on your eyes will only enhance the pretty cobweb you’ve got going on underneath your eyes. Pair it with an all-black ensemble and pops of pink to complete the look. (via Dulce Candy)


2. Pop Art Makeup: This is such a fun, unique look! You can get creative with the colors you use here, but make sure you have this tutorial down pat before you get started because the entire look really is in the makeup for this one. (via Brit + Co)

3. Batgirl Makeup: Batman is *so out* and Batgirl is *so in*. Seriously though, this costume is rad for a couple of reasons: That painted eye mask is super slick and the eye makeup color combos are really fun. (via Carah Amelie)

4. Peacock Makeup: Bright blue, teal and shimmery gold lids make this look a total show-stopper. Draw on some texture for added depth. It doesn’t get prettier than this! (via SMLx0)

5. Spring Music Festival Makeup: Festival fairies, here’s your perfect costume. Just amp up the fun festival makeup you already sport. We’re talking colored brows, crazy-long lashes and, yes, sparkles on your cheeks. (via Jordan Hanz)

6. Princess Jasmine Makeup: If you tone down this Halloween makeup, it’s actually pretty wearable for a night on the town. The main thing to focus on with this one is to bring out your eyes with a pop of color on the lid and some glitzy sparkle on the lower lash line. (via Angela Lanter)


7. Geometric Point of View Makeup: WOAH. Straight lines and different geometric points of view make this face makeup one of a kind and really, really cool to look at. Each side gets a different view! (via Alexander Khokhlov)


8. Cleopatra Makeup: You can’t go wrong with Cleopatra. This bright, shimmery makeup by Vegas Nay is *so* pretty, and the bedazzled lower eyelashes really complete the look. (via Love Bugs and Postcards)


9. Twiggy Makeup: Lashes are the star of this icon, straight up. Insanely big, bold, black eyelashes go hand-in-hand with Twiggy’s iconic style, so be prepared to look bright-eyed all night long. (via Style Caster)

10. Little Red Riding Hood Makeup: Eeeeek! You won’t want to run into this character in the middle of, well, anywhere. The eyes are super creepy — keep in mind that they should be as vampy as your lips. (via Kota Wade)

11. Ice Cream Makeup: Ice cream is always in demand, and you will be too in this sweet costume. The whipped cream is so cute and the cherry on top makes for a really unique look ;) (via Madeyewlook)


12. Pretty Leopard Makeup: Leopard makeup can be pretty, people! Focus on getting a killer nighttime makeup look down: super bold brows, smoky eye makeup and chiseled cheekbones. Then, have fun drawing on the leopard features. Your base makeup will set this one apart from other cats. (via Beautylish)

13. Double Vision Makeup: Hands down, this is one of the creepiest, craziest makeup tutorials EVER! Dress as you normally would and show up to a party with this makeup on. Be sure to film the reactions you get from people. (via dope2111)

14. Morticia Adams Makeup: Morticia Adams is a creepy-cool costume, but you really just need this tutorial and a long, sleek black wig (or natural hair!) to perfect this look. (via Madeyewlook Twice)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 6.07.20 PM

15. Bloody Makeup: Gotta have some blood and gore on this holiday. Bonus points if you can match your nails to your makeup. (via @depechegurl)

16. Lion Makeup: Get your hair teased and your black eyeliner out because both are required for this lion look. This one can be done in no time. (via AndreasChoice)

17. Floral Fairy Makeup: Draw on your face as if you’re painting a really pretty picture. It’s basically the same thing with this tutorial. (via Sally Jo)

18. Black Widow Victorian Ghost Makeup: Say that five times fast! This epic costume has a lot going on. Super dark, defined brows + lips paired against fair skin make this one undeniably spooky. (via Julia Graf)


19. Spooky Starry Makeup: You can pair this spooky-but-pretty look with almost any costume. Feel free to add on more stars for extra pizazz, but black lips are a must! (via @ahitsrosa)


20. Pumpkin Makeup: We *love* how she did her lips in a multi-dimensional way and how they totally tie together the look with her green brows. Who knew painting your face like a pumpkin could actually be cute? (via @itz_ami)

21. Sugar Skull Makeup: Choose colors that are your faves and go to town on perfecting this look. (via AlisonLovesJB)


22. The Silence of the Lambs Makeup: Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Leave people speechless with this cool take on a movie-inspired costume. (via Refinery29)

23. Evil Queen Makeup: This character from Once Upon a Time makes a great costume, even if you haven’t seen the show. Make sure you do your intense eye makeup first and then do your face so you can fix any eyeshadow fallout. (via Dulce Candy)

24. Mummy Makeup: Best part about this costume? You don’t have to worry about your hair at all! Finish it off with some crazy lashes. (via @_girly_page_4_you_)

25. Black Swan Makeup: The black swan is an intense but fierce look to master for Halloween. Just take your time because the makeup needs to be super precise. (via CarrosBeauty)

26. Pink Bunny Makeup: This bunny is so cute! Check out that strong strobing game — it’s great for the little bunny foo-foo vibe. (via @alvajay)

27. Elsa from Frozen Makeup: Elsa is a super popular Halloween costume and it makes sense why: She’s got a fancy blue dress, hair that’s TDF and pretty, purple-y pink eyeshadow that make her eyes look super dreamy. (via Kandee Johnson)

28. Spanish Rose Makeup: Unique but wearable is how we would describe this look. From the roses in her hair to the off-the-shoulder dress, it’s super pretty and not creepy at all. (via Michelle Phan)

29. Poison Ivy Makeup: Poison Ivy is normally avoided at all costs, but people will be flocking to you if you wear this getup to a party. The red and green colors make the contrast of the makeup both gorgeous and striking. (via Jordan Hanz)

30. Star Wars Stormtrooper Makeup: This Stormtrooper look has a ’60s vibe to it that we are lovin’. Get ready to spend most of your time lining your eyes and making your face makeup flawless. (via Madeyewlook)


31. Creepy/Pretty Doll Face Makeup: Heavy lower lashes keep this slightly creepy doll face makeup look cute. Have fun adding some freckles to your cheeks, and get ready to rock a wig all night long. (via Brit + Co)

32. Jessica Rabbit Makeup: Va va VOOM! You’ll have to change the shape of your face for this look — which can be done with makeup — but in the end, it’s totally worth it. (via AndreasChoice)

33. Tiger Makeup: You’ll actually look like a legit tiger after this tutorial is over — it’s kind of insane. The small, detailed brush strokes in the face paint make all the difference because it ends up looking like real fur. (via Sheling Beauty)

34. Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl Makeup: Someone always shows up to parties dressed as a Flapper girl, but this look upgrades the costume considerably. Make sure you take the time to contour your lips with several different lip colors. (via Michelle Phan)

35. Corpse Bride Makeup: Who knew looking like a corpse could be so cute? These cartoon-like eyes make it adorable while still having a bit of a Tim Burton edge to it. (via dope2111)


36. Carnival Freak Show: Utilizing your neck as part of your Halloween makeup is smart and it totally works for this carnival freak show look. The neck and collarbone area is perfect for the carnival tent, while her Joker-esque dark lips add a nice finishing touch. (via @samwrenn)

37. Zebra Makeup: The end result from this tutorial is a 3D-like effect which is sooo cool. Symmetry is key to achieve this perfectly drawn zebra. (via Sheling Beauty)

38. Lady Gaga Bad Romance Makeup: The infamous “Bad Romance” music video look isn’t that hard to replicate at home this Halloween. Make sure you have lots of white eyeliner and fake lashes on hand — and don’t forget about the Marilyn-esque blonde wig. (via Michelle Phan)


39. Black Cat Makeup: There’s nothing like a black cat costume on Halloween, right? They also offer a lot of creative freedom because you can switch up what kind of ears you wear, your accessories (collar, tail, etc.) and there are a bunch of different ways to do your makeup. We love this tutorial because it’s simple and all black ;) (via Brit + Co)

40. Snow White Makeup: This one is very doable. It’s really all about the lips with Snow White, so focus your time on making them picture-perfect so they really stand out. The hardest part will be to find that ideal candy-apple-red lipstick shade. Fluttery lashes don’t hurt, either! (via Kandee Johnson)

41. Belle Makeup: Belle makeup is like a stepped-up version of everyday makeup (flawless face, blush, defined brows, long lashes + sheen-y lips). Get this look and take it to the next level with her classic ‘do and yellow dress. (via Claire Ashley)

42. Unicorn Makeup: A unicorn that looks like it flew out of the pages of a fairy tale? YAS. Also, we’re all about any excuse that lets us wear purple and pink brows. (via AwesomenessTV)


43. Creepy Clown Makeup: This cute clown gives you a lot of options to really make this costume your own: You can change the color of the wig, the eye makeup and even go crazy with the heart-shaped lip color. (via Brit + Co)

44. Ursula the Sea Witch Makeup: One of the more detailed tutorials of the bunch, this Ursula look is super impressive. Get ready to treat your face like a blank canvas for this one because you’re going to get super artistic. (via goldiestarling)

45. Snapchat Filler Makeup: This one is *so* 2015 and it plays into the Snapchat filter craze. You know you’ve always wanted to have a rainbow shooting out of your mouth! (via Madeyewlook)

46. Comic Wonder Woman Makeup: A two-in-one costume is infinitely cooler than just a single Halloween costume, right? This seriously creative costume combines the playfulness of the comic-style makeup with the badass look of Wonder Woman. (via Shonagh Scott)

47. Egyptian Goddess Makeup: Calling all gilded goddesses! This completely epic tutorial will give you all the tricks and tips you need to achieve glitzy status. (via MAC Artistry)

48. Galaxy Mermaid Makeup: Holy crap. This look is INTENSE. It’s also insanely pretty and it gets better when you move around. Get creative and go for it! (via Sheling Beauty)


49. Witch Makeup: Witches are a Halloween staple, so you’ve got to make sure your costume is seriously on point! You’ll contour your face with green face paint in this tutorial. The slightly two-toned lips take this costume to the next level. (via Brit + Co)

50. Minnie Mouse Makeup: Nothing is cuter than Minnie Mouse. You really can’t go wrong with this look, and it’s so simple to do on yourself. Throw on those ears, break out your black liner for the perfect cat eye and swipe on a punchy lip color. (via Kayleigh Noelle)


51. Glam Frankenstein Makeup: Frankenstein just got glam. Mix up your ideal shade of green face paint and layer it on. Just make sure you make it pretty with some red lips and bold lashes. (via NIKIA)


52. Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Makeup: The gilded look from Katy Perry’s hit video is a fun one to be for Halloween — and it’s totally unique. Bright, blue eye makeup is crucial for this costume. You’ll also want to make sure you have straight across bangs or a good wig. (via Brit + Co)

53. Tribal Festival Makeup: This brightly colored makeup look is pretty extreme, but you can guarantee that you’ll be the only one wearing it to this year’s Halloween party. This makeup is really a costume in and of itself. (via Sheling Beauty)

54. Kim Kardashian as Princess Leia Makeup: The only thing better than being Princess Leia for Halloween is being Kim Kardashian being Princess Leia for Halloween. (via Glamour Magazine)


55. Mermaid Makeup: Seriously, mermaids never go out of style. Bright eyeshadow, a teal wig and silver-y eyelashes top this one off just right. (via Brit + Co)

56. Dark Elf Makeup: You know you’ve always wanted a legit reason to wear elf ears! The super dark lips are awesome in this one too — just make sure you give ‘em a bit of dimension with the light center. (via NsomniaksDream)


57. Gorgeous Ghost Makeup: This white-on-white look is pretty and kind of reminds us of a creepy snow angel. Focus on getting your face makeup flawless and bringing out your eyes with light purples. Find the raddest fake eyelashes you can find, and you’re set! (via Brit + Co)

58. Forest Fairy Makeup: What’s green, glittery and earthy all over? Forest fairies, duh. Break out all the green makeup you own for this one. (via bebexo)


59. Vampire Makeup: Another Halloween classic that never goes out of style, a vampire costume is one that you can never go wrong in. Just set yours apart from the rest by making your eye makeup stand out and find a crazy wig. (via Brit + Co)

60. Ice Queen Makeup: Ice, ice, baby. This tutorial is so pretty and unique. Get that DIY crown ready and you are good to go! (via Sheling Beauty)

Which of these looks is your fave? What are you planning on being for Halloween this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

(Featured photo via @alvajay)