What’s not to like about fairies? Practically nothing. What’s not to like about fairy costumes? Sometimes just about everything. From the predicable glittered wings to the pointy shoes, this costume can turn into a tacky Halloween disaster at the flick of a wand. But with a little bit of stylish sensibility, we’re confident the woodland look can be done right. Here are 13 cheese-free ways to channel your inner fairy this Halloween.

1. Tulle Skirt: Here’s a whimsical garment you can keep using long after October 31st. Play it up with fancy makeup and fun accessories and then wear it with a sweater and flats the next day! (via The Wardrobe Connoisseur)

2. Ivory Gown ($230): A delicate vintage dress like this can become a fairy costume in no time. All you need is some fun makeup, a rocking headpiece and bippity boppity boo! You’re a woodland legend.

3. Whimsical Makeup: Um, forget about Halloween, we want to wear this look everyday! Pair this with a tulle skirt for a look even Tinker Bell can’t top. (via Weddbook)

4. Heavenly Headwear: A top notch headpiece is a fairy staple. We love how vibrant this one is. Make your own using a color scheme that complements the rest of your look. (via Ruffled)

5. Understatedly Chic ($385): This costume’s flattering silhouette makes it almost feel like some kind of ballerina/fairy hybrid. And who doesn’t want to be a magical dancing forest creature for a night?

6. Forest Affair: If you’re ready to go full monty on this look, take notes from this dress, which was an art installation at the San Francisco Art Institute. Start with a long plain dress and raid your craft store of all the fake flowers you can carry. Pick them apart and get creative as you glue the vegetation on your gown. (via Waterbug Fine Arts)

7. Woodland Lace Crown ($42): Delicate? Check. Adorable? Check. Fairy appropriate? Double check.

8. Glitz and Glamour: Play up the mystical angle with sparkly silver eyeshadow and frosty lips. For a superhuman glow, use a little more illuminator than you normally would. (via Framed Network)

9. Meadow Bustier Gown ($450): If you’re not into adding real or plastic flowers to your dress, try embroidering magical designs or ironing on floral patches to a white dress for something subtler.

10. Braided Chignon: If you’re a fairy frolicking through the woods, we’ve got news for you: That hair of yours is going to get a little disheveled. Embrace the mess with this pretty braided ‘do. If you don’t like this option, we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of messy looks to try. (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Butterfly Heels: We know spending $2,500 on a pair of heels for Halloween is not the most viable option. But just think about how easy these would be to recreate. Grab a cheap pair of gold or metallic heels, and find a plastic butterfly from the craft store to hot glue on top. (via The Non Blonde)

12. Fairy Dust Necklace ($12): Because no fairy would be complete without a little fairy dust! Carry this around your neck for when your night is in need of a little extra magic.

13. Forest Fairy Monokini ($185): Now this is a fairy that’s ready to party. If you’re not afraid to show some skin, this cutout one-piece might grant all your Halloween wishes.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!