While you’re busy coming up with creative date ideas for Valentine’s Day and making cute cards for your BFFs, why not take the time to DIY a few more for people who need a little extra love this holiday? DoSomething.org has a new V-Day tradition to kick off this year that will make you feel warmer and fuzzier than any box of chocolates.


The do awesome organization is re-launching their Love Letters campaign, a partnership with AARP’s Mentor Up with support by Meals on Wheels to deliver cards to homebound elderly in February. We joined in and think you probably — no, definitely — should too. Create a card (or several) from the heart to lift the spirits of adults who aren’t as lucky to have a sweet Valentine — or a bunch of Galentines — this year. Need some ideas? We’ve got plenty ;)


This heartwarming campaign runs until February 15, and all you have to do is drop off your completed cards at one of more than 350 Meals on Wheels locations nationwide. Don’t have the supplies handy? No worries, we’ve got a work station set up at Brit + Co SF for you San Francisco dwellers to create away. Seriously, you’ll be getting a little sideeye from us if you don’t get involved.


Last year the organization that makes the world suck less (we’re talking about DoSomething, y’all), along with charitable makers, created more than 250,000 cards for seniors across the nation. How sweet would it be to get that number over 300,000 this V-Day? See you at Brit + Co SF!

What Love Letter are you planning on making for this campaign? Let us know in the comments.