You likely spend a lot of time thinking about your health and how much exercise you’re getting, but what about your dog? There are lots of activities you can do with your four-legged friend to keep you both in great shape. To make it just a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite active gadgets that will keep you and your pooch fit.

Stunt Runner

1. Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash ($35): If you love to jog with your dog, but need to have your hands free, try this leash that attaches to your waist. The leash is a bit like a bungee cord, so your dog has room to roam while you’re running without getting too far away. Just watch out for things the leash might get caught on—like if you and Fido run on opposite sides of a telephone pole.

Dog Life Vest

2. Kurgo Dog Life Vest ($46-66): We love this active vest because it’s really like three vests in one. Not only can it be worn as an extra layer or to carry a few things while you’re hiking with your pup. You can also insert floatation panels to turn it into a life vest. A great idea if you’re taking him swimming for the first time. Finally, you can also add an insulation layer to keep your pup warm during colder months.

Tagg Activity Tracker

3. Tagg Pet Tracker ($100): We’ve written about the Tagg tracker before. Like an activity tracker for you, it monitors when your pet is most active, and gives you access to how that data changes over time. You can use it to make sure your pet is getting enough playtime, and downtime, to stay healthy.

Dog Bike Basket

4. Dog Bike Basket ($50): If your four-legged friend has distinctly shorter legs, but you want them to enjoy the great outdoors as well, consider this bike basket designed just for them. The padded basket connects securely to your bike’s handlebars, and has both a water bottle pocket and treat pocket on the side. It even comes with a rain cover to keep your pooch dry, just in case.

REI Dog Boots

5. REI Dog Boots ($24): You might think you only need boots for your pup during the winter, but hot pavement can be hard on their paws as well. Make sure that your pooch is able to run right along with you no matter the weather with these boots. It’s one piece of canine apparel that’s truly more about function than fashion.

Joring Belt

6. Ruffwear OmniJore Joring System ($105): Have you heard of skijoring? It might be our new favorite thing about winter. It’s basically skiing while being pulled by a dog (or horse). You’ll need some specialized gear if you’re going to try it out. Luckily there’s a whole setup that will fit all your “joring” needs whether you decide to go on skis, a skateboard, or even your bike!

How do you stay active with your dog? Tell us in the comments!