Calling all pet owners of the digital generation! The future is most definitely here. You thought activity trackers for yourself were the next big thing? Wrong! As it turns out, activity trackers are going straight to… your pets!

As a pet owner myself, this technology is almost more meaningful to me than tracking my own activity. I already have a general idea how much exercise I’m getting, but have never really known what my dog’s habits are like. The fact that I can now remotely tell how much exercise Pixel has gotten on a certain day, or where he currently is at all times, is invaluable. Especially if he ever gets lost.

I’ve been using the Tagg tracker (see #3 below) for the past couple of months, but have recently seen an influx in new and innovative pet technologies. Here’s what’s currently out there in the world of pet activity tracking.

1. PetHub: First on the list, we’ve got PetHub. This gadget is all about keeping track of where your pet is at all times. It starts with a digital pet ID tag. Get one of these and you’ve got a unique, scannable QR code for your furry friend. If your dog goes missing, anyone can scan the QR code of your pet, and your pet’s profile will pop right up. Take your pup’s style to the next level by springing for a QR Code Dog Collar instead of the basic tag.

2. FitBark: We’ve gotta give props to whoever named this, considering it is basically FitBit for dogs. It is wearable tech that fosters an active lifestyle for your pet… and maybe for you too? With the FitBark devices, the FitBark home bade, and the accompanying mobile app, you can see your pets energy level at any given moment. Like with activity trackers for humans, the FitBark comes up with a daily goal for your pet based on weight. If your pet is meeting its goals, their BarkScore will be through the roof! The device itself comes in the form of a tiny bone-shaped doodad that fits right on your pet’s collar.

3. Tagg Pet Tracker: Next, we’ve got Tagg, a fully-stacked tracker for your pet (and the one that I’ve been using with my own). Not only does this gizmo track your pet’s location via GPS (linked to your computer or mobile device), but it also monitors your pet’s activity levels 24/7, like a Jawbone UP but for pets. This way, you can tell if he’s been more or less active each day, which might be a good indicator for his behavior and/or health. It conveniently clips on any collar and uses a built-in accelerometer to differentiate between various levels of activity – from resting to highly active. Plus, the GPS component means that if your pet’s activity really starts picking up speed, you don’t have to worry about losing him!

4. Ridogulous Smart Collar: Instead of clipping something on to your pet’s existing collar, why not replace the whole thing with an activity tracker?! Your dog wears the collar and is wirelessly connected to the rest of your world through your smartphone. You can track location, monitor activity, and scan health vitals to provide security, and can even play interactive games with over Ridogulous doggies!

5. Wandant: And last, a gadget currently only available in Japan. Described as a dog pedometer, this has a lot in common with the FitBark, Tagg, and Ridogulous. It is a motion-tracking gadget that supports health management for dogs. It has a three-way accelerometer, the ability to communicate with smartphones, and can log 14 days of data without syncing, if needed.

What do you think of these pet activity trackers? Obsessive? Awesome? Useful? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.