We like our fair share of fashion here at Brit + Co, but we also consider comfort to be one of our top priorities. And contrary to popular belief, you can have both at the same time! Case in point? Drawstring pants, your new best friend — these guys have been around for practically forever, but designers are starting to utilize bold and fun prints that absolutely fulfill all of our fashion needs. After checking these 14 pairs out, you’ll be ready to rock them in the office, on a date or even to an interview. Yup, believe it.

1. Drawstring Sweat Pants ($39): These are one of the trendiest animal print pants we’ve ever seen. Dress these up with a nice blouse and wear ’em to work.

2. Tribal Print Drawstring Pants ($18): A funky mixture of different tribal prints? Yes, please. We’re totally diggin’ this patchwork style that is best worn to the beach or on a lazy weekend day.

3. Geo Print Drawstring Pants ($98): We heart the tailored look of these geo-print pants. Put on a pair of black heels, and instantly go from comfortable to formal.

4. Drawstring Camo Trousers ($198): Let’s be real. When was the last time you saw a pair of camo print pants look this fashionable?

5. Scarf Print Drawstring Pants ($11): This outfit is so hot; we absolutely adore the way it was styled. It’d be so great for a late night outdoor party.

6. Nomadic Fanatic Pants ($118): Show off your deep love for tribal prints in these nomadic pants. Music festival, anyone?

7. Monochrome Square Print Trousers ($36): As much as we love color, we just can’t get over how lovely these monochrome trousers are. Throw on a bright color top and let the compliments roll in.

8. Printed Baggy Trousers ($35): Pockets make every pair of pants, dress, shirt, jacket, etc just that much better.

9. Lorissa Floral Pants ($68): It’s now time for the most unique pair of drawstring pants you’ll ever see. These semi-sheer pants definitely have that light and summery vibe.

10. Denim Baggy Trousers ($35): Just can’t go a day without wearing denim? No worries. These trousers have the same look in a softened texture.

11. Bright Eyes Pants in Autumn Rose ($108): Dark floral prints are the perfect way to bring a little flower power into your evening outfits.

12. Mason Drawstring Pants ($195): This pair may be covered in circus stripes, but they definitely belong on the runway. So chic.

13. Geo Tropical-Print Drawstring Pants ($80): Kudos to Guess for creating one of the coolest tropical prints ever. It’s the perfect combination of a warm, floral print and some snazzy geometric stripes.

14. Drawstring Pants in Cove Floral ($72): Okay, so we still kinda miss our traditional tropical prints. Summer’s not over yet, folks!

Which bold print is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!