Floral prints are absolutely a spring and summer staple. And you know what? We really love that. Trends come and go, but this one is always here to stay. With these 25 beautiful floral pieces, you’ll be in style for many fashion seasons to come. They’re fun, fresh, fabulous, fashionable… try sayin’ that five times fast!

1. Closet Floral Skater Dress ($91): We thought we’d start off with a simple skater dress. It’s breezy and beautiful, and perfect for spring.

2. Forever 21 Floral Frenzy Jumpsuit ($28): Jumpsuits and Brit + Co. are like PB + J. You just can’t separate us. We especially appreciate that this jumpsuit combines the floral print with one of our favorite style staples — stripes!

3. ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Smock ($76): If you’re not into boring ol’ floral prints, check out this awesome dress. It’s made with reclaimed vintage fabric! How cool.

4. Nasty Gal Full Bloom Pants ($98): We’re really into wide legged pants right now as is most of the fashion world. These are bright and colorful, just the way we like them.

5. Forever 21 Floral Utility Jacket ($38): There are about a million reasons why you should buy a denim jacket, and about the same number of reasons why you should buy a utility jacket. Just think casual, cool and effortless.

6. ASOS Wide Leg Pants ($72): This wide leg thing? We embrace it wholeheartedly. Seriously, look how comfortable these flowy pants are!

7. ASOS Mini Wiggle Dress ($85): Boat necks are always welcome in our wardrobes as are awesome floral prints like this one. This dress has a modern boxy shape to it, which wonderfully contrasts with the traditional print.

8. Forever 21 Boxy Peplum Top ($16): Please add this to our list of breezy peplum tops that we adore.

9. Nasty Gal Why Knot Dress ($58): With this dress, you will have the opportunity to camouflage yourself in a field of daisies during the springtime. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

10. Warehouse Floral Block Sleeve Top ($61): The black accents on the sleeves and zipper add a lot of depth to this top. We love the simple color combination of black, white and blue as well!

11. Nasty Gal Scuba Skater Skirt ($38): She may have said “see you later” to the Sk8er Boi, but she’d certainly have said yes to this skater skirt. This colorful and flirty skirt goes exceptionally well with crop tops, as exhibited here.

12. Forever 21 Floral Tulip Back Dress ($28): Peekaboo! It may seem a little plain from the front, but that slightly open back earns this dress bonus points.

13. Saturday Cap-Sleeve Top ($95): We are huge fans of this dripping floral print, along with the geometric aspects of this top, like its boxy shape and triangular neckline. Those capped sleeves are definitely winning us over too!

14. Zara Floral Jacquard Skirt ($60): We love pieces like this. You can dress it up with a blouse and some beautiful jewelry, or keep it casual with a denim jacket and sandals. Either way, it sure is eye-catching.

15. Zara Floral Print Blouse ($50): And now for an amazing floral blouse! There’s a delicate and slightly vintage feel to this top, which makes it perfect for spring this year.

16. H&M Short Twill Shorts ($18): You didn’t think we’d forget about our beloved shorts, did you? We’d recommend saving this super short pair for the dog days of summer. They’ll keep you nice ‘n’ cool.

17. H&M Circular Skirt ($15): Black and white. The classic combo. The king and queen of fashion. And, the perfect ingredients for a pretty skirt like this one.

18. Anthropologie Floral Terry Pants ($68): Sweatpants have recently broken the barrier and are now appearing in fashion all over the place. We’re ever so grateful. How else would we survive Mondays?

19. J. Crew Collection Cashmere Sweater ($180): Sweater weather may almost be over, but it can still get a little chilly during the early weeks of spring. With this sweater comes a beautiful shade of green, the soft feel of cashmere and a lone punk flower on the back.

20. Topshop Moto Leigh Jeans ($80): Tired of the floral tops and dresses? Then check out these sweet jeans. You won’t be sorry.

21. Mango Floral Strap Dress ($80): We can’t help but appreciate how delicate and dainty this fabric appears to be. This dress basically embodies pleasant spring weather.

22. Mango Floral Print Blouse ($50): The colorful flowers stand out so much on this blouse, and it only makes us want it more.

23. Modcloth Pennsylvania Polka Dress ($60): If you’re going to an old-school event in a country club (or something less specific), this is definitely what you’ll want to wear. It’s so sophisticated, it practically screams First Lady.

24. Bea + Dot High Socie-tea Dress ($130): We’re always up for bright and whimsical prints!

25. Oh My Garden Dress ($50): Finally, the type of dress we think of when we say spring. Doesn’t it just have every single springtime-y color in it?

What spring + summer trend are you looking forward to rockin’ this year? Let us know in the comments below!