With spring in full bloom, She Sheds (AKA the anti-man cave) are back and racking up likes like never before on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s not hard to imagine why: These garden sheds, art studios and study rooms are gorgeous getaways every woman wishes she had, all in the convenience of her own backyard. Whether you prefer shabby chic cottages or modern minimalist sheds, we’ve got you covered. Here are 19 She Sheds to ogle over, daydream about or inspire you to build your own!


1. Garden Retreat: With a greenhouse-inspired wonder like this, you can surround yourself with nature without losing out on the comfort of a cushiony daybed. Save serious bucks by using salvaged materials — this shabby chic garden retreat is decked out with old windows and doors. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

white beach cottage

2. Beach Cottage: This dreamy coastline cottage is the stuff daydreams are made of. To get the look of this sandy She Shed, stick to an all white paint job and lots of windows to enjoy the beachside view. Now you can live your daydream anytime — just string up your hammock, grab a book and relax the day away. (via Vtwonen)

3. Glass House: Turn a greenhouse into an actual living room fitted with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and even a friggin’ fireplace. Just imagine how cozy you’d feel seeing the ember glow fill up your glass getaway at night (and how cool it’d look from the outside). Plus, it’ll be super useful during the colder months when all you want to do is snuggle up by the fire. (via Philadelphia Magazine)

all black pyramid shed

4. Minimalistic Triangular Cottage: Contrary to what you’d expect from a “small, dark wooden box,” every bit of this 128-square foot space screams refined, modern architecture. This annex-turned-cottage makes for an ideal backyard getaway or guest house. Though its design is relatively simple, its black exterior makes quite the statement. Opt for a similarly dark exterior to keep your cottage chic and far from looking shabby. (via Bolig Magasinet)

backyard room she shed

5. Office Garden Studio: If you’re a money-conscious entrepreneur looking for an office space without breaking the bank, this garden studio is the answer to your problems. The rooftop garden on this compact studio isn’t just sustainable, the studio’s streamlined design practically defines forward-thinking, modern architecture. For those of you looking to brighten up your She Shed without dishing out the dollars, plant a sustainable rooftop green space to create a cheery, inviting atmosphere. (via Backyard Room)

dwell Swedish Monopoly house

6. Artist’s Studio: This room, reminiscent of a Monopoly house, is modeled after an archetypal Swedish building. Simplicity is key with this design, as it opts for a bare plywood interior and relies on the natural light from its large skylights. Save on costs, complicated blueprint designs and time painting by opting for a similarly minimalistic look. (via Dwell)

flickr shepherd hut

7. Shepherd’s Hut: The ideal She Shed for the world traveler comes in the form of this shepherd’s hut turned summer house. If you’re looking to channel serious gypsy vibes but don’t have a caravan, don’t fret. Simply fill your summer house with eclectic travel-themed trinkets — thrifted suitcases and maps will capture the bohemian traveler’s aesthetic with old world charm. (via Anguskirk / Flickr Creative Commons)

Habitable Polyhedron

8. Habitable Polyhedron: Think outside the box like architect Manuel Villa did for his habitable polyhedron. Its “truncated cubic-octahedron” shape challenges conventional architecture and makes for an intriguing space to use as a personal getaway or a lounge area for friends and get-togethers. To keep a small space like this from becoming too stifling, opt for big windows or glass doors to bring in natural light. (via Manuel Villa / ArchDaily)

home depot whole-playhouse

9. Playhouse With Screen Windows: Among the things you do when renovating an old shed — aside from adding a fresh coat of paint and modern accents like this shed’s gold fixtures — is ensuring your space is well-ventilated. It can seem a little daunting, especially with so many different window types to choose from. But after this shed’s designer Joni Lay chose to go with simple screen mesh windows, she hasn’t looked back. Pro Tip: Make sure to find one that’s weather proof to keep the air flow in the room, but the rain out! (via Home Depot Blog)

housetohome garden room

10. Backyard Room With French Doors: When choosing a door for your backyard room, it’s important to consider your priorities. If you need to keep your shed well-lit and roomy-feeling, you might benefit from installing French doors like this shed. Sure, they’re a little fancy — but they’ll make your room appear more spacious while letting in tons of natural light. (via House to Home)

interior design 14 Modern Home Painter Studio Design

11. Craft Room Decor: Whether it’s art, music or fitness, your shed’s decor should say it loud and proud. Consider decor that will enhance the space’s purpose, such as this artist’s studio. The paintings mounted on easels help identify the artistic side of this domain. Decorating your space to fit its purpose will help inspire the work you’re trying to create. (via Interior Design Ideas)

12. Garden Playhouse: Believe it or not, this playhouse was constructed without any building plans. You’ll need a spare hand or two, but it’s a simple enough construct that it’s doable for any amateur carpenter. If this garden playhouse is everything you imagined your She Shed to be, know that it’s a project you can actually take on. (via Lazy Sunday Cooking)

lowes yoga studio

13. Yoga Studio: Achieving transcendence has never been easier. Just go to your backyard, and escape into your very own zen den. This shed turned personal yoga studio is the She Shed all yogis need. Optimize the calming atmosphere by sticking to a neutral palette for your yoga or meditation practice. (via Lowes)

Sorensen-Jones residence for Menter Architects and Schultz:Miller builders; Nov., 2011

14. Garage Playspace: If you’re not using it to park your car, kick off your spring cleaning with an upgrade to your old and dingy garage. Swap out the vertical door for folding or French doors to really transform your “storage room” into this refined play space. Add hardwood floors and in just a weekend, you can have a spankin’ new She Shed. (via Menter Byrne Architects)


15. Planter’s Pad: If you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll love this She Shed planting station. Throw together a simple wooden framework, then dress it up with curtains and an aluminum roof to provide shade and privacy in your gardener’s haven. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

16. Cozy Shed: This charming She Shed looks like it came straight out of a vacay catalog, especially with the windows full of books. To capture its dreamy aesthetic, opt for an all-white paint job and billowy curtains. Make it even more inviting by decorating your shed with greenery, whether it’s a windowsill full of flowers or an entrance adorned with potted plants. (via Ella Claire)

shed with sliding doors and couches

17. Garden Studio: This backyard room extends its space to include a patio. Adding deck space to your shed will maximize the lounge area if you’re likely to entertain large groups of people. No more worrying about guests walking all over your lawn or plants. (via Houzz)


18. The Garden Room: A well-placed She Shed under a shady tree will allow you to surrender yourself to serenity, like in this garden hideaway. The shade will automatically bring down the temperature of your space and create a calming atmosphere that distinguishes itself from the rest of your house. (via All Roads North)

studioshed modern interior

19. Cozy She Cave: If you’re looking to kick up the comfy factor — but a carpet seems too much of a hassle to maintain — try cozying up your space with an ultra plush rug. Whether you opt for patterned neutrals, bold print or a bright solid, whatever rug you pick will ultimately help define your space while adding a little warmth to your room. (via Studio Shed)

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