Move over dudes — there’s a new room in town. They’ve been dubbed She Sheds, and they’re fabulous and adorable. The She Shed is an anti-man cave, usually decked out in string lights and a comfy couch. There are entire hashtags (#SheShed) and Pinterest boards dedicated to the movement, chock full of sheds covered pastel paint and flower vases. Of course, you can decorate it however you want. But we’re bringing you a few tips for optimum output.

1. Find an Area: First and foremost, you need a place to execute your personal getaway. If you don’t have the luxury of a backyard shed, a basement or a personal corner in a room would work nicely. (Photo via Bolig)

2. Figure Out Its Purpose: Some ladies prefer a couch and a book, others want to be able to light a candle and do yoga. Hone in on what makes you feel relaxed and plan the space accordingly. Some ideas: A meditation room, a writing nook or an art space with a canvas and an easel. If you have the patience, it can even be a miniature greenhouse with herbs and flowers you can attend to. (Photo via BHG)

3. Get the Paint and Decorations Ready: This, of course, is the most fun part of the entire experience. You can go with string lights or candles or opt for lots of flowy fabrics and paper lanterns. It’s all about making you feel comfortable. (Photo by VTWonen)

4. Make It an Ongoing Project: Part of the beauty of having your own space is the process of creating it. Your She Shed doesn’t have to stay the same all the time. Change up the flowers by season, hang up new paintings every now and then or rotate your selection of tea. The permutations are indeed endless. (Photo via Home to House)

Do you have your own She Shed? Share a pic in the comments below!

(feature image Hunted Interior)