What if we told you there was a way to bring your favorite weekend pants into the work week? That’s right, our little warrior pose princesses, dress pant yoga pants are here and ready to make you say namaste from 9 to 5 and beyond.

Crowdfunded from crowd-built clothing company Betabrand in January, the idea for a work appropriate pair of yoga pants came from the high demand for a female version of their popular men’s dress pant sweatpants. These have become the site’s most successful crowdfunding product to date, proving that all-day comfort is far from gender-specific.

The very ready to wear pants take the feel of your favorite exercise/errand leggings and marry them with the look of a traditional trouser you’d rock at the office. They have the necessary stretch for achieving the perfect tree pose thanks to a blend of rayon, nylon and spandex and a fakeout zipper, button, and front and back pockets that complete the look without the bulk of the real thing.

We think you could easily get away with wearing these to work and comfortably wear them to Bikram after. We’ve found ways to weave in weirder things to our wardrobe (see: the jogger pant) and think these actually make sense as dressed-up, more functional jeggings.

Betabrand will start shipping out our new second skins in March. You can order your pair in gray or navy now for the pre-order price (10 percent off!) of $79.20. And if it’s your first time to Betabrand, you might add a few more great ideas to your cart, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Like Quirky for clothing, you submit design ideas, the site lets the community vote on whether they should stitch up a prototype and after enough people have funded, it’s turned into a product. Right now there are equally awesome articles of work-to-workout clothing on the site, including the bike to work polo, bike to work infinity scarf and now men and women’s sweatslacks.

What other articles of multi-purpose clothing do you wish you could get your hands on? Would you wear dress pant sweatpants? Could you see yourself wearing these from Sound off below!