If you thought Hello Kitty wine, blue wine and canned wine were the future, hold on to your vino glasses, because there’s a new wine on the block and it’s pretty amazing: Introducing diet prosecco and Champagne! The perfect addition to any fall wine collection, it’s a surefire way to up your #Winestagram game and keep your sugar intake in check.


Dreamt up by Thomson & Scott founder Amanda Thomson, Skinny Champagne and Skinny Prosecco are crafted “for the next generation of wine lovers globally who want to drink top quality sparkling wine and reduce the levels of added sugar in their bottle.”

Whereas competitors like Skinnygirl put most of the focus on calories — each serving of Skinnygirl Wine clocks in at just 100 calories — Thomson’s Skinny Prosecco (which has 67 calories per glass) places emphasis on cutting down sugar, as well as being organic and vegan. Each glass of Skinny has about half the sugar of standard Prosecco — one liter has just 7g of sugar compared to the standard 12-15g (with Champagne sometimes boasting a whopping 32g per liter!). Now that’s something to smile about!

A vegetarian raised on a no-sugar diet, Amanda reveals on the company’s site that her “mission is to be completely open about what we’re drinking and cut sugar where it’s not needed. We’re not counting calories, but we share them for transparency.” It’s clearly a mission folks are getting behind wholeheartedly: The Guardian even crowned it “the basic bitch drink of summer 2016”.

Even Ellie Goulding’s on board: She posted a snap of the bottles, captioned “I’LL TAKE IT.”

Unfortunately for us North American wine lovers, however, we’ll have to go without Skinny Prosecco for now, as its currently only sold in London department stores with no current plans to expand outside the UK. What a buzzkill! Guess we’ll just have to hop a flight to London…

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photo via Thomson and Scott)