First, there was wine in a bottle. Then, there was wine in a box. Now, there’s wine in a can! Wine is sloughing off its pretentious rep and looking more laid back with portable aluminum pop-top cans that just make so much sense. Drinking on the beach, at the pool or in the woods holds multiple attractions, but trying to open a wine bottle sans corkscrew isn’t one of them. Neither is lugging heavy, breakable bottles. Or getting snagged by the beach police for bringing glass containers. Portable, casual, lightweight, unbreakable, disposable and better for the environment — what’s not to love? Here are 12 canned wines to start the par-tay this summer.

Barefoot Refresh Wine Spritzers

Flavors: Summer Red Spritzer and Crisp White Spritzer

Price: $7/four-pack


Wine spritzers were basically made for summer, so a canned version is just what you need to tackle your next outing. With both a white and red blend, there is something for everyone. Bring a few packs on your next camping trip to get an epic Insta-worthy shot like this one.

Pampelonne Rosé Lime

Flavors: Rosé Lime and Red Sangria

Price: $15/four-pack


Like a La Croix spiked with wine — light, flavorful and so refreshing — these French wine sparkling cocktails are available in intriguing flavors like Rosé Lime, a Loire Valley Muscadet paired with all-natural passion fruit, grapefruit and lime sparkling water. Don’t forget to pack some cute cozies to keep these cans chilling longer.

Sancho Libre Red Sangria

Flavors: Red Sangria and Peach Sangria

Price: $24/four-pack

Website:Sancho Libre

Nothing screams summer like sangria. Playing on the theme of Lucha Libre, this namesake elixir means everyone’s favorite summer beverage is now eminently portable for endless outdoor fun.

Underwood Rosé

Flavors: Rosé, sparkling, Pinot noir and Pinot gris

Price: $28/four-pack

Website: Union Wine Co.

Rosé has been crowding the cooler this summer — it’s everyone’s must-have bevvie. This dry rosé is made from a blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Noir and Syrah grapes. Did you know those tall boys are like half a bottle? Wine lush FTW!

The Drop Rosé

Flavors: Rosé

Price: $21/four-pack

Website:Bottle Rocket

This blush wine is a blend of Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel, and Syrah, so it pairs well with fish but also with spicy foods like Thai and BBQ. The cans are great for taking on the boat — lightweight and portable — so toss a few in the cooler with the brewskies.

Lila Pinot Grigio

Flavors: Pinot grigio, Sauvignon blanc and rosé

Price: $16/four-pack

Website:Ninety Plus Cellars

If you love your Italian Pinot grigios, this is the *real* deal in a can. There’s also a French rosé and New Zealand Sauvignon blanc available — any of the three would be an excellent choice for an outdoor wedding or garden party.

Fiction Red

Flavors: Pinot noir and Grenache rosé

Price: $40/four-pack

Website: Field Recordings Wine

This wine is a pleasing everyday cab that’s jammed with blackberry flavors. A wine like this definitely has its place — like in your backpack, armrest cup holder or outstretched hands at a concert. You don’t have to drink beer anymore just because it’s all that’s there.

Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs

Flavors: Sparkling blanc de blanc

Price: $20/four-pack

Website:Francis Ford Coppola Winery

This sparkling white was one of the first to launch in a can in 2004. It comes with an attached bendy straw, just like your favorite childhood juice box, but we assure you, it’s booze.

Flip Flop Fizzy Pink Moscato

Flavors: Chill red, crisp white, Moscato, pink Moscato and sangria

Price: $7/four-pack

Website: Empire Wine

Cult followers of Cupcake Chardonnay will love FlipFlop wines from the same maker. The portable, easy-open cans are a lifesaver for outdoor events and pool parties. It’s about time your favorite wine can go everywhere you go.

Mancan Red & White

Flavors: Fizz, red and white
Price: $104/24-pack

These fizzy concoctions make a great boozy alternative to soda or infused waters on a hot day. The cans are designed to look “manly,” so that way guys won’t feel compelled to grab a beer when what they really want is wine.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem Red

Flavors: White, red, Moscato, rosé, and dry-hopped pear cider

Price: $15/four-pack

Website:The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Don’t be fooled by sweet Moscato. This one may taste as innocent as lemon-lime soda, but it has almost twice the alcohol of beer. Time to prank the buds at beer pong.

Hoaxie Wine Spritzers

Flavors: Rosé and blanc

Price: $15/four-pack

Website:Hoxie Spritzers

Like a throwback wine cooler, these spritzers are a mixture of wine and fruit flavors, but the comparison ends there. This reinvention employs exotic flavors like linden blossom and ginger, paired with a refreshingly dry wine. The result is a tall cooler with flavor combos that are a delight to the tastebuds.

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