Our love of Hello Kitty is as strong today as it ever was, especially with a Hello Kitty café finally popping up in the US (that is, after the super pink café van did it’s adorable thing first). But if you’re looking for something a little stronger than coffee, you can now enjoy Hello Kitty wine.

Hello Kitty Wine

Partnering with Italy’s Torti Winery, our fave kitty brand (whether she’s actually a cat or not) is introducing six different types of wine, all of which are based on the sweet Kitty herself.

The rosé is purely Pinot Nero, with a light pink color, sweet flower scent and a light spice. There is also a rosé collection which appears to come with a little trinket necklace. Sweet Pink will have you enjoying Chardonnay and Pinot Nero in white grapes which gives off an “elegant floral fragrance” and almond reminiscence.

Hello Kitty Wine

Cupido is purely Pinot Nero grapes and apparently pairs well with fish, sushi and shellfish. Puuurrrfect for a kitty. It’s a little unclear what Charmy and Lady are (our Italian is a little rusty, TBH), but we’re sure they’re just as tasty (or at least as cute) as the others.

If you’d like to try Hello Kitty wine for yourself, you can order straight from the website, or Antonello restaurant in California is serving the tasty treat right now by the glass. Sip away, feline-lovin’ friends!

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Torti Winery)