When your food doesn鈥檛 pair with your ros茅, throw it away. Just kidding 鈥 but we do take our vino seriously, whether we鈥檙e planning wine-themed birthday parties or pairing our fave聽Girl Scout cookies with wine.聽But how do you pull off the perfect vino-centric 鈥榞ram? We sipped on the fab advice of Whitney Adams, a rockstar certified sommelier and host of The Whitney A Channel on YouTube, for her top tips for posting a wine photo on Instagram. Your beer-obsessed roomie might just come over to the dark side鈥

Tips for the Perfect Wine Photo

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1. Think outside the bottle.聽We tend to post bottle shots when we stumble upon that perfect Sauv blanc or swoon-worthy Chardonnay, but it鈥檚 better to expand your focus. 鈥淚t鈥檚 always a challenge to try and photograph wine in a new way that gets people excited. A picture of a bottle of wine next to a glass just isn鈥檛 going to cut it,鈥 says Whitney.

鈥淪how wine within the context of food, and post shots that are more about wine lifestyle: drinking with friends at your favorite wine bar, crushing grapes with your feet at a winery, sharing a lipstick that won鈥檛 get on your wine glass.鈥 (Okay, fine, that lipstick kiss on your tumbler is next-level cute too)鈥

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2. Location, location, location.聽鈥淭here are only so many staged shots you can take at your house. Although if you do, invest in some good surfaces (marble slab, wood board, etc.) to keep it interesting,鈥 says Whitney. Need some inspiration for a charming cheeseboard and accompaniments? Check out 15 must-haves for the ultimate聽cheese board, and you鈥檒l have more photo ideas than glasses of wine to drink!

鈥淚 also like to mix it up and get out on the town. I鈥檓 most inspired by my travels and eating and drinking out at my favorite spots. If an Instagram is one of the goals of an outing [and let鈥檚 be real, sometimes it is], I鈥檒l make an early reservation or do a little happy hour-ing to grab a photo in daylight or golden hour, my favorite lighting for an Instagram shot.鈥

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3. Do what it takes.聽鈥淏y now we鈥檝e all seen it 鈥 that person in a restaurant standing on their chair getting an overhead shot of their food (and it very well might鈥檝e been me),鈥 admits Whitney. 鈥淚 have no shame when it comes to getting the shot! Since you can鈥檛 always control the environment, especially bright windows or ceiling lights and unwanted reflections, think creatively about how you can problem-solve. Sometimes that will mean getting a friend to hold a dinner napkin or linen above your phone to diffuse the light and eliminate shadows,鈥 suggests Whitney. Other times, it means trying one of these handy tips to turn you into an Instagram pro.

4. When in doubt, food. File that under 鈥淟ife motto.鈥 鈥淧airing wines to types of food that could get tons of likes on their own is a sure-thing. Think:聽Pizza, fried chicken, a juicy burger, dim sum, donuts鈥 you get the idea. Wine + food = home run,鈥 says Whitney. And don鈥檛 feel guilty, a new study found that Instagramming your food may make it taste better.

5. Zoom in on the 鈥渨ow.鈥聽 This easy strategy can help boost likes on posts beyond the wine-realm as well. 鈥淚鈥檓 big on capturing movement and taking pics that fall into the #FoodPorn of wine category. Something with wow-factor, like an overflowing Champagne tower, sabering a bottle of bubbly, a pretty shot of ruby red wine being poured into glasses. So much more fun and interesting than a static picture of a wine bottle,鈥 says Whitney.

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6. Feature yourself.聽Worth a reminder: 鈥淧eople follow you because they like you and want to see pictures of you too. Some of my best performing photos are ones that I鈥檓 in 鈥 where I鈥檓 drinking wine (sometimes straight out of the bottle), holding up a giant magnum, taking a shot of sherry out of a bone luge鈥︹ Have fun with it, and don鈥檛 be afraid to show a bit of your unique personality.

7. Keep it natural and bright. 鈥Think of shooting wine as you would food 鈥 natural light and dynamic colors and textures are best. That鈥檚 why I love sparkling wine and ros茅 (and those tend to get the best response!),鈥 says Whitney. Here鈥檚 her ultimate recipe for success: 鈥淲hen it comes to editing photos and filters, I鈥檓 a ride-or-die VSCO user. F2 is my jam, and I always do the following things to every photo: increase sharpness, contrast and saturation, and lower warmth to a little cooler temperature.鈥 We don鈥檛 know about you, but we鈥檙e writing those guidelines down and sticking to them Every. Single. Time.

8. Hashtag it up. Now鈥檚 not the time to be hashtag shy. 鈥淲ine is such a subjective thing and often difficult to describe. One person鈥檚 sweet is another person鈥檚 dry. I steer clear of tasting notes and prefer talking more about how the wine makes me feel or being a little tongue-in-cheek with the captions. Try to keep it light and fun. I鈥檓 a big fan of emojis too. It鈥檚 2016, the聽language of emoji is universal!鈥

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(Photos via Whitney Adams)