It’s officially fall, which means it’s officially time to break out the velvet shoes and fall mantel decor. It’s also time to switch out the frosé for something a little cozier — we know, it’s tragic. But thankfully, that doesn’t mean your cold weather wine choice has to be basic. We spoke with Adam Chumas, beverage director for Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen, to get the scoop on five of his insider-y autumnal wine favorites that’ll have you happily packing away your blender until spring.

Happy friends enjoying dinner, toasting with red wine

1. Rosé isn’t off limits! Fear not, rosé obsessed. Adam says that “this is a great time to enjoy full-bodied rosés. They tend to have a touch of tannin and [more] fleshiness than the summer quaffers.” He suggests picking up a Tavel or Tuscan Rosato to pair with late summer/early fall harvest veggies.

2. Beaujolais is banging. For an affordable, drinkable wine that still feels special, Adam suggests picking up Beaujolais, either Cru or Nouveau. Both varieties are made with a Gamay grape and hail from the Beaujolais region of France, though the Cru variety is specific to only 10 villages in the region. Adam likes these for fall because “it just feels like the season with their earthy bass notes and ripe cherry fruit notes.”

3. Lambrusco is so festive. If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing, celebratory wine for your next tailgate or Halloween party, Adam says the way to go is Lambrusco. “It’s festive, affordable and goes well with chicken wings and pizza.” Plus, he says, “the bubbles are fun and the color is bold,” making it a no-brainer party wine.

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4. Alcase whites are ripe and fresh. You don’t have to automatically switch to red once the temps cool down; the white wines from the Alcase region in France are one of Adam’s go-to’s because “they always have ripe tree fruit flavors like red apple and pear that go beautifully with fall foods.” He says he looks forward to “making a big pot of squash soup to pair with a Gewurtztraminer or Pinot Gris from Alcase.”

5. Try an Oregon Pinot Noir. Adam also loves a new world red, like an Oregon Pinot Noir, for the fall. He says, “There is something about the wine that always smells like a blustery fall day to me,” and suggests trying Domaine Drouhin Oregon or Argyle with your favorite hearty, rich autumnal dish.

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