Let’s be real — not much in this world incites more joy than the sight of gigantic party balloons. At least not much in our world, that is. And the folks at Drop it Modern are *majorly* winning the balloon game. With super colorful marbled balloons, oversized graphic balloons and tons of party accessories, we can safely say they’re our go-to company for festive decor. So when we got a chance to pose with their adorable products, we jumped at the chance — literally. Keep scrolling to see our favorite Drop it Modern balloons, all in the B+C Shop!


1. Black Marble Balloons – Pack of 10 ($15): See? Jumping for balloon-induced joy.


2. Marble Balloon ($8): Marbled *and* oversized? We’ll take the lot, please.


3. Balloon Lips ($7): Pssst, National Kissing Day is July 6! How sweet would this be paired with chocolate kisses for your boo?


4. XO Balloon ($20): Pro Party Tip: Tie silk ribbons to your balloons instead of curling ribbon to give it an extra-polished look. We added handmade paper flowers to make it even more dreamy.


5. Air-Walking Flamingo Balloon ($25): Feast your eyes on the BEST. BALLOON. EVER. Drop it Modern just took balloon animals to a whole new level.


6. OMG! Balloon ($20): OMG balloons might just be the perfect addition to your next engagement party, baby announcement or birthday. Amp up the festivity by attaching a tassel to your ribbon.


7. Multicolor Marble Balloons – Pack of 10 ($15): This set makes us want to marble everything in sight, then have a marble-themed party.


8. Elephant Balloon Weight ($8): Um, have you ever seen such a darling balloon weight?


9. Geo Shapes Balloon ($18): We’re loving this fresh take on ’90s geometric patterns.


10. Love Balloon ($20): Evidently Kelly is *really* excited about this one. We can’t blame her.


Alright, one more shout-out to the best balloon in the history of balloons :)


Are you decorating with Drop it Modern balloons? If so, we want to see! Share photos with the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative so we can take a look.