As soon as we read about Drunkin Donuts we knew we had to try making our own spin. And with our love of Valentine’s Day and dip dye, these donuts are like a match made in a super boozy bar-like heaven.

We’ve made dip dye cookies, tights, sundresses… the list goes on. And now we’re moving on to donuts, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Not only is chocolate an aphrodisiac, throw in some booze and you’ve got the perfect V-Day treat. Make this for your sweetheart and they’ll be smitten! ‘Cause real talk: who can deny the lethal combination of sugar, booze, and chocolate?


– 12 regular, glazed donuts

– 12 oz chocolate chips or chocolate melts

– 6 tsp Baileys Irish Cream

– sprinkles

If using candy melts, follow the directions for melting. For chocolate chips, microwave on half power in 30 second intervals, until the chocolate is melted. Stir in the Bailey’s teaspoon by teaspoon, keeping an eye on the consistency. If it gets too watery, stop adding the Bailey’s. Dip the donuts in the chocolate halfway.

Add sprinkles and then let it dry on wax paper. Enjoy!

No one can say no to these.

What food trends have you loved in the last few months? Tried any of our spiked sweets? Talk to us in the comments below.