When your bae proposes (psst, here are the signs it鈥檚 coming!) and slips the engagement ring on your finger, surely it鈥檚 a moment of loving, blissful perfection. But how would you feel if you found out that your new fianc茅 had given you a dummy ring? It鈥檚 an engagement trend which is gaining popularity, and you鈥檙e either gonna love or hate the reasons why.


Those in the biz are eagerly hopping on board the dummy ring fad, such as Beaverbrooks, who have introduced a series of 鈥渇ake鈥 engagement rings that range between 拢40 and 拢65 (around $50 to $80), which is obviously much cheaper than the typical 鈥 real鈥 engagement ring. And there are two main reasons why peeps are into these faux tokens of love.

First, for those unsure that they鈥檒l get a 鈥測es鈥 when they pop the question, a dummy ring is a way to propose without having to shell out big bucks. Why waste money if s/he might say no, amirite?

doesn't like engagement ring

Secondly, if your plan went off without a hitch and you鈥檙e now engaged, but noticed a slight frown on your love鈥檚 face, there鈥檚 a chance he or she is not into the ring you selected. Frankly, even Miley Cyrus isn鈥檛 into the ring Liam Hemsworth chose for her. Opting for a dummy ring allows the person who will actually be wearing the engagement ring to swap the fake piece with one they absolutely, definitely, 100 percent adore (i.e. one they choose themselves).

Granted, these are both pretty practical and reasonable reasons for dummy engagement rings, but it could totally be argued that they take some of the romance out of the memorable moment. But鈥 it鈥檚 better to be safe than sorry?

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(h/t Yahoo News; photos via mediaphotos + Ariel Skelley/Getty)