Tips for the Best Easter Egg Decorating Party Ever
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Tips for the Best Easter Egg Decorating Party Ever

Who says Easter egg decorating is just for kids? Around here, we firmly believe that decorating eggs is just as appropriate for grown-ups. In eager anticipation for the holiday, we’re pairing up with Triscuit to throw an egg decorating party, complete with a green tomato Bloody Mary bar and three brand new Triscuit combos we’re *very* eggcited about ;)

You know we’re big fans of Triscuit around here — these crackers are the perfect vessels for flavorful appetizers. All you need are three simple ingredients and Triscuit crackers for some real tasty tapas that will make your party menu a breeze.

How to Make Confetti Eggs

We busted out our favorite dye-free (aka way less messy!) egg decorating technique for this soiree: confetti eggs!

Materials + Tools:

— tissue paper (multiple colors)

— eggs, boiled or blown

— Mod Podge

— paint brush or sponge brush

— scissors

Psst! First thing’s first: Check out our Egg Prep 101 post for the perfect boiled or blown egg.

After you’ve boiled or blown your eggs, layer a few pieces of tissue paper and cut small squares. (FYI, you just made confetti!) Brush your egg with a thin layer of Mod Podge, add confetti, then seal with more Mod Podge and let dry.

Et voila! Look at that cheerful lil’ egg.

Next up, three yummy and easy appetizers — each made with three simple ingredients on Triscuit crackers.


Somehow, this appetizer is simultaneously salty, bitter, sweet *and* refreshing. It’s bite-sized magic.

First up — buy your ingredients!

Slice your mango into small squares, then carefully remove the skin. Add prosciutto, arugula and a chunk of mango to the Triscuit. That’s it!



Next up: a cracker topped with smashed potato, whole grain mustard and rosemary.

TBH, we could write an entire post praising the smashed potato… But we’ll save it for another time.

Boil tiny white potatoes, then lightly smash them with a fork. Add it to your Triscuit, spread on a bit of whole grain mustard, then garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

How delicious do these look? These were the perfect hearty snack to fuel our egg decorating :)


Lastly, a decadent bite of Triscuit, pear, goat cheese and crispy pancetta.

This one takes a touch more prep, but it’s *definitely* worth it.

Slice the pancetta into cubes, then sautée until crispy. Place the pancetta on a paper towel to soak up extra grease, and set aside. Add a slice of pear, then a dollop of goat cheese and top off the Triscuit with a piece of pancetta.

These apps disappeared QUICKLY — next time, we’re doubling the recipe.

There you have it! Three delicious appetizers — all made in a snap with three ingredients and Triscuit crackers.

What goes better with a food spread than a Bloody Mary bar? A green tomato juice Bloody Mary bar! Buy it online or DIY it with green tomatoes for a tasty twist on the classic cocktail.

Add some friends, tunes and *way* too many egg puns, and you have yourself an Easter party!

What other flavorful toppings would you add to your Triscuit crackers? Tweet us your combos @BritandCo!

This post is a collaboration with Triscuit.

Authored By: Maddie Bachelder

Food Production + Styling: Roxy Taghavian + Anita Yung

Photography: Brittany Griffin