We’ve definitely got Easter eggs on the brain, folks. We’re ramping up and counting down to Easter 2K15 like it’s our job (well, it kind of is our job), and bedazzling every egg in our path. So we’re bringing you yet another awesome roundup of Easter egg ideas, all made right here at Brit + Co.

Keep reading for tons of brand new tutorials, plus a few of our favorites from previous years.


1. Tattly Eggs: Genius, right?! Slap on one of Tattly’s beautiful gold tattoos for an instant egg masterpiece.


2. Nail Polish Marbled Eggs: Resident DIY pro Kelly Bryden cranked out one of our favorite dye-jobs this year — the nail polish marbled egg. These beauties are incredibly easy to make, and incredibly hard to mess up. Win, win.

confetti-egg-11 copy

3. Confetti Eggs: This DIY is crazy easy – just make your own confetti with tissue paper, then paint it on with Mod Podge.


4. Hipster Eggs: OK, we’re especially digging this wigged dude in the middle.


5. Flora Eggs: What’s more spring-y than eggs and flowers? Learn how to make these beauties here.


6. Sculpey Eggs: We may be dye-hards (har har), but we’re always game to try new mediums, which is how we discovered that Sculpey is the *best* tool for ornate eggs like these.


7. The Prettiest Hard Boiled Eggs Ever: Because what’s on the inside counts, too!


8. Sharpie Tie-Dye: What?! Sharpies + nail polish remover = the coolest dye job ever.


9. Calligraphy Eggs: Call-egg-raphy. Get it?!


10. Glitter Eggs: In case you didn’t know, glitter-blocking is the new color-blocking.


11. Hanging Eggs: Try out this hack to switch up your egg display. All you need is some string and a staple!


12. Wooden Eggs: Want eggs that will last past Easter? Dress up wooden ones instead!


13. #Hashtag Eggs: It’s official: #huevo is our new favorite hashtag.


14. Rubber Band Eggs: AKA the oldest dye-trick in the book. Stick some rubber bands on the egg, paint the dye on with a brush, let dry, then remove the bands. So. Easy.


15. Temporary Tattoo Eggs: Remember these bad boys? It turns out that temporary tattoos make eggs look really, really good.


16. Fruit + Veggie Eggs: Who says eggs need to look like eggs, anyway?


17. Macrame Egg Hangers: Three cheers for egg hammocks! You can macra-make these cuties in just 10 minutes.


18. Mosaic Eggs: Check this out — we took the dyed shells of another egg and glued them onto this oeuf. We love that the finished product kind of looks like a dinosaur egg.


19. Punny Centerpiece: Lucky for us, Easter happens to be the most pun-friendly holiday of the year :)


20. Bird Eggs: Make these baby birdies using just craft paint and card stock.


21. Wrapped Eggs: Got 30 seconds, double stick tape and some twine? Then you’ve got yourself an adorable huevo.


22. Pointillism Easter Eggs: Oh man, the possibilities are endless with this technique. This is yet another reason why we love Deco pens.


23. Egg Beanies: Okay, eggs, be cuter. Just try.


24. Bouquet Eggs: Try displaying your finished blown eggs in a bouquet. They’ll add a pop of color and festivity to any tablescape.


25. State Pride: Stencils FTW!


26. More Wooden Eggs: No expiration date, no problem. To make this wooden egg DIY even easier, we made a kit with everything you could need.


27. Painted Ladies: If you’re a Full House fan, then this tutorial is for you. We’ll teach you how to draw classic San Francisco Victorian houses onto your eggs in a few simple steps. It really is easy, we promise!


28. Pop Star Eggs: This year we celebrated Left Shark’s BFF, Britney, Beyonce and Nicki… by making them into eggs. Duh.


29. Emoji Eggs: Come on, after our emoji pumpkins you must have known this DIY was coming :)


30. Hanging Planters: We’re swooning over this el-egg-ant take on hanging vases. How gorgeous would these be in front of a sunny window?


31. Veggie-Dyed Eggs: Try dyeing your eggs with… veggies?! Cabbage, beets and carrots never looked so good ;)


32. Gem Egg: Last but not least, take a stab at what we’ve dubbed the “million-dollar egg”… which only cost about five dollars to make. When in doubt, bedazzle it!

How are you decorating your eggs this year? Share photos of your finished products with the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative and we’ll be sure to check them out!