Breakfast was a “bar,” lunch was a yogurt, and we’re commuting home, regretfully picturing the apple on our desk that we were meant to be eating right now to stave off tummy rumbles. Argh! It’s been the kind of day when it would be so nice to come home to a real meal. And ironically, exactly the kind of day when we’re too tired and hungry to make one. If this is you, too, step away from the speed dial, sister. Please don’t settle for tired, old takeout. Do yourself a solid; you deserve better. Here are 13 easy dinners you can make in under 30 minutes. All are satisfying, flavorful meals that take minimal time and effort.

So, maybe you’re living without a fully equipped kitchen or maybe you feel clueless about recipes, we’ve got your back. Cooking is a just project, like any other DIY. If you can follow steps, you can cook — and we know you can follow steps. What you need are the cheats! A few simple hacks, and you’ll be whipping up delicious eats in no time, with minimal kitchen tools. Here are 29 recipes every millennial should know.

Eggs are a perfect protein for a quick meal, and there are many egg dishes that are great for dinner. Juevos Rancheros, anyone? Por favor! Over at Spoon University they are cooking a Juevos Rancheros with corn, beans and avocado garnishing the egg and tortilla. Five ingredients. Five minutes to prep. Ten minutes to cook. Dinner is just 15 minutes away! And while the end result looks sophisticated, the steps are easy.

Best of all? This dinner pairs perfectly with a glass of sangria. So stop off at the wine store. You survived this day and you deserve it.

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(Photo via Gabby Phi/Spoon University)