Ah, periods. They pretty much suck, but for many of us, they’re a reality. If you have a period, you have a lot to keep track of, like Toxic Shock Syndrome and how not to harm the environment with menstrual products. Luckily, new inventions are challenging the ways we think about periods and the stigma surrounding them. We’re sharing eight products that we just know you’ll love. You’ll be whipping out your period tracker to see just how soon you can try something new for your period.


1. Thinx ($24+): Not only is every pair completely antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, leak-resistant and absorbent, but these are really gorgeous period underwear. You can get a set customized for your cycle. We love their dedication to empowering women and fighting body shaming. (via THINX)

2. Holy Sponge Ritual Moon Kit ($20): Did you know that you can replace your tampons with sea sponges? Seriously. Instead of bleached cotton and spending money every month at your drugstore, you can use something totally natural that can be reused multiple times.


3. Lunette Cup ($40): Menstrual cups are a cult favorite alternative to traditional tampons and pads. It looks much scarier than it is, and really does save you money in the long run. Its main selling point? You can wear it for up to 12 hours! (via @lunettecup)


4. Disturbingly Adorable Pouch ($15): If you’re new to the world of reusable products, or if you’re just looking for something cuter to transport your menstrual supplies, you’ve got to give this pouch a try. Lined with vinyl, this adorable bag is perfect is perfect for all your period staples.


5. LOLA All Natural Tampons ($10): If you’re not quite ready to give up your tampons, you can get one step closer to a happier and healthier period by making the switch to 100-percent cotton, dye-free products.

balm and co lunar oil

6. Balm + Co Lunar Oil: Ease period pain holistically with this blend of clary sage and marjoram sweet essential oils. Use the rollerball to apply to your lower stomach and inhale the refreshing scent as you wait for the pain to fade.


7. Lily PomPom New Moon Bath Soak ($21): Sometimes you just have to excuse yourself from the exhaustion of trying to get through another day of cramps and take the time to pamper yourself instead. This soak even doubles as bathroom decor in its stylish packaging.


8. New Moon Tea Co. Organic Balance Tea ($5) : More often than not, periods mean uncomfortable cramps and pains. Heat helps, so hot tea is magic when it comes to telling that period agony to chill out. With a classic raspberry leaf, rose petal and fennel blend on top of other organic herbs, it’s sure to soothe your aches.

What are your secrets to a happy and more eco-friendly period? Tell us in the comments!