It's May, and that means it's time to start making, planning, and buying everything you need for the perfect Mother's Day. What better way to get started than with a handful of DIY projects, recipes, gift guides, and fashion tips sure to show your mom just how special of a lady she is.

We know two things for sure about Moms: 1. They will definitely cry tears of maternal joy if you make them just about anything; and 2. If you show them what's cool in terms of style, it is one of the few times they will listen to you as an authority. So, let's get started!

Make Her Something Sweet

1. Send Her a Book of Chocolates: If you can't be with your mom, create a box of homemade chocolates in an old textbook! She'll be totally surprised, and will appreciate the time you spent making it.

2. Pretzel Pops: Pretzel Pops are a big hit for any day of the week, but your mom will love your resourcefulness when you tell her that all you used was crescent roll dough and pretzel rods!

3. Caramel Apple Muffins: Your mom loves caramel apples and cupcakes, but you want a healthier approach. Introducing, caramel apple muffins! We recommend getting creative with toppings and maybe even throw some custom cut starburst on top!

4. Tie Day Cake Pops: Springy, pastel, and perfect for Mother's Day brunch, these also tap into your mom's psychedelic 60s nostalgia. ;)

5. Mini Chess Pies: Another one that's distance-friendly, these mini chess pies are easy to make and are baked right in the jar you ship them in!

Up Her Fashion Points

6. Crafty Accessories: If we haven't already made it clear, we strongly believe you can be both super crafty and uber-chic. And your mom can too. Check out these playful accessories by ModCloth, perfect for any crafty mom.

7. Create a Bespoke Scarf: Take an old or new photo, scan it, and create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind silk scarf for your mom. Vintage landscapes would be particularly beautiful, or a photo of your mom's new grandson!

8. Versetta iPad Purse: Your mom got an iPad and has no idea how to use it. Spend 30 minutes showing her how to use it, and gift her this chic bag for keeping it safe and stylish.

9. DIY Glitter Heels: Does your mom have some awesome vintage heels that could use a glittery update? We're guessing she does. You bring the glue + glitter. After all, moms need to be just as red-carpet-ready as we do. :)

10. Design a Hot Pair of Heels: Or maybe glitter isn't enough of an update? If your moms are like ours, they've had the same dozen staple heels for almost a decade. Update her look by sitting together and customizing a pair of smokin' heels, or order them ahead of time.

Peruse Our Awesome Gift Guides

11. Love-ly Cooking Tools: We rounded this list up with Valentine's Day in mind, but moms do love their cookware! Number one on the list for us? Definitely the heart-shaped Le Creuset.

12. Chevron Housewares: Buy her a stylish accent piece or two in the Chevron pattern. We recommend a chevron throw, set of napkins, or table runner.

13. One-of-a-Kind Gifts: Get her something that is incredibly personal and totally unique! From commissioning a drawing of her favorite books to brightly colored bangles, nothing says I love you like a custom gift.

14. Tea Infusers: No question. Moms love tea. Make her tea time a little cuter with one of these playful tea infusers.

15. Chic Purses As Laptop Bags: Maybe your mom doesn't have an iPad but does need a non-clunky laptop bag? Any of these are sure to do the trick!

Give Her A Makeover & Help Her Relax

16. Iron Braids: So you've got a few fashion points lined up, but what about hair and makeup? Show mom how to achieve super modern natural-looking waves with our clever flat iron braid hack.

17. DIY Custom Palette: Help your mom downsize her makeup collection by making a custom palette of the makeup she uses most!

18. Juice Cleanse: Something that will help make you over and relax, do a juice cleanse with your mom as a way of clearing your mind and body in time for summer.

19. Calming Mists: Take your mom's favorite scents (lavender and eucalyptus, perhaps?) and create a set of calming mists. These are great for getting a better night's sleep, especially after a stressful day at work.

20. Homemade Salt & Sugar Scrubs: Use essential oils and create a set of deeply cleansing, stress-relieving salt and sugar scrubs. Could be a fun project to do together. Being a son or daughter can be stressful too!

How will you celebrate Mother's Day? Need more gift ideas? Leave us a note in the comments below!