We may have left mountains of homework and questionable cafeteria food behind years ago, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on learning. From online classes to picking up new languages, we’re all about expanding our knowledge, especially if it’s fun. When your commute turns into a bore or you’re up for picking up a new skill, these educational podcasts will drop some serious knowledge on you, no knapsack required.


1. Good Job, Brain!: What began as a Kickstarter project has now become a popular trivia podcast. Half quiz show and half offbeat news, Good Job, Brain! will have you laughing and dominating your next trivia night. Start with their episode on fathers or all things outdated and old.

2. The Gist: Radio journalist Mike Pesca leads this Slate podcast, which covers three hot, political topics a week. From JFK to debates, The Gist will keep you in the know.

3. Stuff You Should Know: HowStuffWorks writers Josh and Chuck educate listeners on everything from the ecosystem to Jack the Ripper and sharks. What stuff should you know? Take a listen to how sushi works or the science behind 3D printing.

4. ProPublica: Calling all journalism junkies. As an independent newsroom, ProPublica produces investigative stories that serve the public interest. Listen here for their latest findings.

5. Planet Money: Mo’ money, mo’ problems, right? Not if you’re Planet Money. They’ll teach you how to handle your money, check your finances and work with the economy, all without being a bore. Where to start? Learn more about homeowners insurance policies or free money.

6. Lifehacker: For those digitally savvy, Lifehacker explores the world of technology, the Internet and the tips and tricks for mastering the digital age. Stay updated on how to sell items online or discover their picks for the best television streaming apps.

7. Stuff Mom Never Told You: Aptly titled, this podcast delves into the stuff you were too afraid (or embarrassed!) to ask your mom. Led by two girl-next-door gender experts, their episodes will help you understand the “business of being women from every imaginable angle.” We love the science of BFFs and the popularity of gender reveal parties.

8. TED Radio Hour: TED talks are known for their thought-provoking topics and speakers. This podcast is a coproduction of powerhouses NPR and TED to bring ideas, creations and problem-solving tips to the table. Listen as individuals share their ideas each week, like singer-songwriter Megan Washington, who talks about how singing achieves stillness.

9. The School of Greatness: Former pro-athlete Lewis Howes takes business, leadership and personal development to the next level. The School of Greatness features top professionals who aim to inspire and encourage growth in their listeners. Ready for change? Find out the 10 essential truths needed to upgrade your life or discover simple ways to overcome stress.


10. Inquiring Minds: This podcasts explores how science, politics and society come together. The world’s best scientists and thinkers discuss recent headlines and lingering questions. Ever wonder how our DNA shapes identities? Journalist Christine Kenneally has your answers. Curious about which innovations have defined our modern world? Author and theorist Steven Johnson digs into this subject.

What are your favorite educational podcasts? Tell us in the comments below!