Can’t get enough of the whole egg theme this Easter? From egg tarts to Pantone eggs to chocolate cascarones, we totally feel you on the egg front. That’s why we decided to make an entire centerpiece out of egg shells!

 – eggs (we used 2 dozen)

– flowers

candle wick and anchors
soy candle wax
– food coloring

– white vinegar

– 3 birch tree slices
– 2 birch square pots

Most of the key materials for this project are available at any grocery store but we took it to the next level by incorporating these cool tree slices and birch pots found on Save On Crafts. We’ll start with the planter. You’ve likely seen similar flower arrangements in egg shells popping up all over Pinterest. Here’s how it’s done.

Hold an egg in one hand and pierce the larger end with a pin. Move the pin around to create a hole and let the top of the egg crack off. Empty the yolk and give the shell a rinse. (If you’re feeling resourceful, save the egg and make one of these egg-cellent eats for brunch or dinner!)

Fill each egg shell with a bit of water and fill with flowers. Any bunch of wildflowers or mixed bouquet will do the trick. The more color, the better.

We love how the one pink rose stands taller than the rest – it definitely adds a bit of romance to your Easter scene.

Now, onto the candles. We used food coloring mixed with white vinegar to dye our egg shells pale pink, blue, and green.

Microwave your wax as directed and pour a little bit into the bottom of each egg shell. Place your wick in the shell and let the wax harden a little bit around it. Then fill the rest of the the shell with melted wax.

Voila! An eggs-tremely cute candle.

And now you have a whole Easter scene! We have to admit, we’re tempted to use this centerpiece for more than just Easter celebrations.

What will your Easter table look like? What are your favorite spring tablescapes? Talk to us in the comments below.