Folks, it’s officially Easter season. Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is on our mind, but we’re pretty dang excited for Easter and proud of it. We have a history of going ham with Easter ideas and DIYs (get it?!), and this year is no exception. So get ready for dozens and dozens of Easter projects, starting now! We’re kicking it off with a super easy Easter centerpiece that really represents how we feel about this holiday. Keep reading for a simple and puntastic Easter DIY.



– 10 boiled or blown eggs (check out the best egg blowing and boiling techniques here)

– 10 egg cups

– generic egg dyeing kit

– vinegar

– Sharpie


1. Following the instructions in your generic egg dyeing kit to dye each egg. Let eggs dry.

2. Write one letter on each egg to spell out “SO EGGCITED,” or choose your own cheesy pun.

3. Place each egg in an egg cup, and display as you like. That’s it!


The beauty of this DIY is that you have tons of flexibility with execution. It’s also a great way to utilize those not-so-perfect dyed eggs in the batch :)


Start by dyeing your eggs per your generic kit’s instructions. We went with an springy ombre color scheme with our eggs ranging from green to blue.

Pro Tip: The more vinegar you add your egg dye solution, the brighter your final color will be.


Let the eggs dry. Then, using a Sharpie, write one letter on each egg to spell out “SO EGGCITED,” or choose your own cheesy (eggy?) pun. (It should be noted that the author of this particular post is the resident pun enthusiast of Brit HQ, so she’s pretty dang excited about this DIY…)


Place each egg in an egg cup. You can also prop them up with napkin rings if you don’t have enough egg cups lying around.


There you have it! Puns add so much joy to any occasion, #amirite? Happy Easter season!


What are your favorite Easter puns? Do you have a go-to Easter table centerpiece? Let us know in the comments below!