We’re already totally slammed with holiday spirit — especially where food is concerned. Whether it be excitement for all of those Thanksgiving leftovers or the need to mow down copious amounts of Christmas cookies, our tastebuds are READY. And now that the store shelves are fully stocked with eggnog, we can indulge our biggest craving. You already know there are a ton of delicious eggnog food recipes, but did you know that there’s also a delicious way to have your fave holiday drink first thing in the morning? Start getting into the holiday spirit early — like, 8am early — with these 11 eggnog-infused breakfast treats.


1. Eggnog Pancakes With Cinnamon Syrup: Pancakes are always a special treat, but you can take your pancake game to a whole new level with the addition of eggnog and cinnamon-spiced maple syrup. Why wait until the holidays when you can get into the spirit now? (via My Cooking Spot)


2. Easy Fluffy Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls: Bring the flavors of Christmas to your breakfast plate with this irresistible pastry. Even if eggnog isn’t your thing, you won’t be able to turn down these fluffy, gooey rolls. (via Half Baked Harvest)


3. Eggnog Custard Oatmeal Brûlée: If you’re a fan of the infamous crème brûlée dessert and its creamy custard base topped with hardened caramel, you’ll do just about anything to dig into this bowl of oats. Nothing will ever pair as perfectly with your morning cuppa as this. (via Dine and Dish)


4. Overnight Eggnog French Toast Casserole: With the holidays creeping up, this time of year can be hectic as heck. That considered, you need your energy, and a solid breakfast is the way to get it. Don’t snub your morning grub just because you’re short on time — make this overnight casserole instead. (via The Blond Cook)


5. Eggnog and Almond Scones: The holiday vibes are strong with these scones, featuring a healthy dose of eggnog and nutmeg. Sliced almonds get some love instead of the usual holiday walnuts and pecans, giving these little biscuits an innovative spin. (via Hungry Girl por Vida)


6. Cranberry Eggnog Coffee Cake Muffins: Homemade muffins are a total jackpot when you need breakfast on the go. These cake-like confections, however, are laced with a little something special (eggnog, duh). (via Whole and Heavenly Oven)


7. Eggnog Cinnamon Swirl Bread: There are few foods as fulfilling as a loaf of fresh bread. To get yourself into the spirit, cross over to the sweeter side this season and swirl some cinnamon and eggnog into the mix. (via Girl Versus Dough)


8. Eggnog White Chocolate Brioche Pudding: Though bread pudding is usually considered a dessert, it can easily be converted into a heavenly breakfast — just pretend it’s French toast. You may never eat a savory breakfast again. (via Vinkalinka)


9. Eggnog Waffles: You’ll never utter the words “l’eggo my Eggo” again. They can have your Eggos, ’cause you’ve got eggnog waffles now. Creamy, fluffy and spiced with nutmeg, these gems are a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit early. (via Breakfast for Dinner)


10. Eggnog Scones: What goes better with a hot cup of holiday spiced coffee than a sweetly glazed scone? You could also just wash these eggnog-infused treats down with some actual eggnog, depending on how much of an eggnog fan you truly are. (via The First Year Blog)


11. Eggnog Donuts: Donuts for breakfast? Don’t mind if we do! Starting the day off by biting into a fresh eggnog-flavored donut can never be a bad thing. Add a wee splash of rum for some extra oomph. (via Joy’s Cozy Oven)

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