We know (and love!) Ellen DeGeneres as the talk show host who turned dancing into our national pastime and shenanigans with Taylor Swift into must-see TV, but it’s her latest project that really has us carving out a new chunk on our DVR. The comedian is currently at work on Ellen’s Design Challenge, a six-episode design show to air on HGTV in 2015 where competitors will have 24 hours to sketch, design and build furniture. It sounds a little like Project Runway meets Trading Spaces, and, yes, Ellen as a Tim Gunn-Paige Davis hybrid is everything we could have ever hoped for in TV/life.

Surprise — furniture and home design are two of Ellen’s passions and if you thought the funny lady was all laughs, she’s serious when it comes to her real estate. We have the swoonworthy house tour pics (h/t The New York Times!) to prove it. Maybe you don’t have mega millions to spend on a new multi-acre estate in the Hollywood Hills (or two), but we think this look through Ellen’s recent real estate ventures will provide some Motivational Monday mojo for all of your upcoming weekend projects and home renovation inspiration. Just keep scrolling!

Mmm, rustic country kitchen in Beverly Hills. We’ll take it! And those (likely, vegan) cookies on the counter while we’re at it. The cozy fire in the living area looks almost as hot as that hefty red coffee table book.

The bench at the foot of the bed + the vintage-looking tables on either side give us major design lust. Get more bedside ideas here!

What you can see = the three-acre compound with two guesthouses. What you can’t = an underground parking garage and a koi pond. And the $37.5 million pricetag as paid by the dude Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi sold it to: Ryan Seacrest.

Let’s visit the couple’s next project, a 26-acre ranch where Portia could get her ride on — the actress we know/love as Lindsay Bluth is apparently quite the equestrienne. All we can say is: that couch and those throw pillows?! Even their horses live in more stylish quarters than we do. What gives?

We dig a renovated barn space (no, really, check out these 20 barn conversion stunners). Ellen and Portia referred to this as the Art Barn and we wouldn’t mind taking on a project or two in here.

From Art Barn to Romantic Barn (and… I spy… Ping-Pong Barn, too?) Before Portia and Ellen got their ready-to-renovate hands on this property, it was “a shabby equestrian facility.”

Not so shabby anymore! Something wicker this way comes, amirite?

The view from this bought-from-Brad Pitt property is okay. Do you think they got that rug from Ikea? No?

From the beach back to Beverly Hills and this super chic residence in the Trousdale Estates ‘hood. A tree in the house! That’s a conversation piece that almost eclipses the sheep seating by François-Xavier Lalanne.

We like the mix of high design and vintage pieces like this Jean Royere fixture with mid-20th century solid wood chairs. If you’re not willing to go full-on dark walls but want to try the trend, a black bookcase adds some drama to your space in a completely non-fiction way.

Oh, another beautiful house? This Italian-style stone farmhouse, Saladino Villa is one of two Ellen is currently channeling her renovation energy into.

Ellen, you can invite us over for a potlock BBQ ANY time.

Does Basquiat count as wall art?

Ellen’s latest home is the Brody House, considered one of the top five in LA. Could use more succulents, but we are into it.

Did you OD on real estate porn just now? Find any inspiration from Ellen’s dwellings to use in su casa? What celeb’s home do you want to tour next? Go nuts below!

(Photos: The New York Times)