20 Pillows That Look Nothing Like Traditional Pillows
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20 Pillows That Look Nothing Like Traditional Pillows

Are you ready for some pillow talk? Whaaaat? Not yet? Allow these unique and shapely pillows to get you in the mood. From fun-yet-purposeful to downright super-silly, we have the perfect pillow for you, your bed, office, couch, travel needs and more. Shape up and get down to business with these unique pillows.

1. Geometric ($36): Lie your head to rest on one of the 20 triangular faces on this icosahedron-shaped pillow. Then, summon sweet dreams with its relaxing lavender scent. 

2. Ostrich Pillow ($81): Tackling global sleep deprivation one head/desk at a time.

3. Doxie Silhouette ($50): Who doesn’t love a wiener dog? Stretch yourself out on this fun, striped pillow.

4. Forever Pillow ($49): You can tie it in a knot, you can wrap it in a bow. This pillow is downright magic. Bring it wherever you go to add comfort to any position you find yourself in.

5. Social Media Button ($29): The perfect pillows for geeks of all kinds!

6. Tree Shaped Throw Pillows ($99): Bring a little of the great outdoors in and adorn your settee with these plush, hardwood cuts from the woodpile.

7. Nest ($757): Get your hands (or your whole body) on one of these for the ultimate in coziness. Hand-knitted by ubertalented women in Nepal, the Nest is eco-friendly, fair-trade and worth the splurge.

8. Tooth Fairy ($36): For little ones with wiggly teeth, this magical pillow provides a soft landing for the Tooth Fairy.

9. Sushi Pillow ($40): Satisfy your nigiri cravings with a plush sushi roll — but refrain from covering it in wasabi, please!

10. Matryoshka Doll ($25): Who wouldn’t want to nest their head on this globally kitsch nesting doll?

11. Hoodie Pillow ($25): When all else fails, grab your trusty hoodie! The hoodie pillow is conveniently designed for home or travel pleasure.

12. Biscuits ($40): Aren’t these sweet? The perfect edition to an afternoon tea… or afternoon nap.

13. DIY Floor Cushions: Movie night anyone? Don’t forget the popcorn! (via Hooray)

14. Nap Anywhere ($59): It’s true, you really can nap anywhere with this packable gadget, perfect for travelers or serial nappers.

15. Custom Pet Pillow ($145): Send Ronda J. Smith a photo of your pet and she will send you back one of these pillows. We can’t make this kind of stuff up.

16. Pillow Pots ($40): Check it. An eco-friendly indoor planter that doubles as a pillow, created from a durable textile material on one side and an easy to clean waterproof fabric on the reverse.

17. Striped Clouds ($68): It comes in four different colors, and it’s covered in 100% Scottish lambswool. Obviously, you need it.

18. Notknot ($162): An Icelandic designer’s love affair with knots inspired the Notknot. It shows both the strength and security of a knot while being warm and comforting.

19. Pink and Yellow Zipillow ($149): It’s a pillow! It’s a couch! It’s fit for two! Unzip from your partner and take a solo nap! Versatility and a bright yellow zipper make this your new favorite nook.

20. Snowy Mountains ($48): Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep you from resting your head on these snow-capped cushions.

What unique pillows are part of your decor? Tell us below!