The bedside table all too often gets buried under books you’ve been meaning to read, remnants of midnight snacks and boring alarm clocks. However, with just a few styling tricks, that little table can be instantly transformed into an elegant focal point that reflects your design aesthetic. Check out these pretty bedside tables to get some styling inspiration, from non-conventional tables to nightstand essentials.

1. Minimalist Style: When you’re living in a *very* small space, less is always more. Keep it simple with a clean and modern round bedside table. (via Front + Main)

2. Organized Bliss: Learn from this easy DIY exactly how to utilize your bedside space for all of your pretty — and very organized — things. (via The Merrythought)

3. In Living Color: Not only do they add a spot of color to your nightstand, but it’s nice to have something organic in your bedroom, whether it be flowers, shells or a hearty house plant. (via 204 Park)

4. Complimenting Colors: Color is key when decorating the nightstand. Make sure all the items are in the same color family and coordinate with the bedding, yet are still interesting on their own, like this beautiful blue room contrasted with a vintage wooden dresser. (via Design Fixation)

5. Creative Lighting: A traditional lamp is a shapely addition to any bedside arrangement, but a funkier light fixture can add a little extra design flair, especially when combined with fabulous art and a collection of favorite items (like breakfast in bed!). (via 204 Park)

6. DIY Tray Display: Keeping a pretty jewelry or coin dish on your bedside table is functional, but also adds extra color, texture and a bit of extra character. (via Pillar Box Blue)

7. Sleek and Modern: Putting a floor plant and a hanging light in the corner is a clever way to add some vertical interest and extra light into the bedroom. (via Kristina Lynne)

8. Negative Space: Combining open and closed spaces is perfect for hiding those necessities you don’t want to display and leaves the top uncluttered and free to show off prettier items. (via Chris Loves Julia)

9. Time Out: Just because an alarm clock is a necessary evil, doesn’t mean it needs to destroy your pretty table decor. How fun are this old-school clock and seashell lamp? (via Up To Date Interiors)

10.Eclectic Combo: Think plenty of art, one lamp, an orchid, and maybe a found object like deer horns, too! (via Erin Spain)

11. Chic Storage: If you have an open bedside table, but would rather not have all your items visible, use decorative boxes or funky wicker baskets for sneaky storage options. (via Fashion Inbox)


12. Balanced Bedside: Use objects that vary in height and size to create a balanced focal point. Here, a curvy lamp balances a modern, boxy table while the sculpture adds visual interest. (via Style at Home)

13. Antique Treasures: When looking for items to display on your nightstand, consider the shapes: Try to vary the objects from hard, straight edges to round, more organic items. (via Camille Styles)

14. Mismatched Tables: Your bedside tables don’t have to match! As long as the tables are about the same height and have similar finishes, they will complement each other beautifully with a matching pair of lamps and similar accessories. (via Shaun Smith Home)

15. Mirror Mirror: Mirrored bedside tables are perfect for bringing light into the bedroom and will reflect the colors of the room to create extra depth. (via Facilisimo)

16. Gold Accents: Sparkle and shine is key when styling the bedside table because it gives the space a “lift.” Those little gold penguins are the hero on this elegant black table. (via Apartment Therapy)

17. Work It: Having the nightstand double as a desk or vanity can be a great way to utilize all the available space in a small room. (via Ally Redhead)

18. Pop of Color: Use the nightstand as a place to have fun with color like this royal blue lamp in an otherwise orange-themed room. (via BHG)

19. Wow Factor: If you want to go with a smaller piece of furniture, go crazy with the color! This pedestal table is a great option because it is elegant, yet makes a huge statement. (via Style at Home)

20. Less Is More: Unwind with your favorite scent. Keep a luxurious candle on the bedside table. (via Shop Sweet Things)

21. Vertical Space: If you’re short on floor space, don’t be afraid to think vertical. Using bookshelves instead of a bedside table will give you extra storage and create a fun place to display all your favorite items. (via Cush and Nooks)

22. Keep It Real: Be realistic about your space needs. If you need more storage, don’t be afraid to have bedside tables with drawers, like these little antique dressers. (via Amber Interior Design)

23. Lean Back: If you rent or don’t want to put holes in your walls, leaning artwork against the wall is perfectly acceptable, especially when displayed on top of the nightstand. (via Bikinis and Passports)

24. Gray and Gold: We love the gold accents on this trendy campaign dresser! This style of bedside table is perfect for balancing masculinity and femininity. (via Emily Henderson)

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