Let’s be honest, when we think of embroidery art we’re typically reminded of a small “Welcome” sign hanging in Grandma’s hallway or perhaps a neatly stitched pillow that’s been passed down for generations. The truth is, we don’t generally associate embroidery with being new-age, modern or anywhere near cool. Well hang onto your hoops, ladies, because artist Ana Teresa Barboza is completely turning that stereotype on its head with her latest embroidered natural landscapes that are so cool they jump out of their frames.

Barboza, a Peruvian artist and embroiderer, is working on a series of pieces titled, “Suspension.” The collection takes a closer look at our relationships with nature. Her works focus on different scenes from nature. Since nature is big, bold and beautiful, a little embroidery hoop could never contain its grandeur, so the art has no choice but to over runneth.

Pretty cool, right? We think so, too. We never thought embroidery thread was capable of taking on a realistic, 3-D masterpiece, but heck! We’re ready to hang one on our wall right now! Or try to create our own version…

What do you think about this new style of art? Would you hang one of these pieces on your wall? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

(h/t Bored Panda)