Top knots and buns have been the go-to hairstyle to keep those lovely strands out of your face. However, we all know wearing the same style can get old, so we’re revisiting the trusty half-up, half-down ‘do to give your hair a fresh new look. This sweet style allows you to get creative with braids, twists and even your favorite go-to top knot. You can style it for a wedding or a day chilling with friends. Get ready to try these 11 hairstyles that are totally hot for spring.


1. Celtic Knot: This style may look complicated, but if you follow the tutorial, you’ll be sure to create this style with ease. (via Divine Caroline)

Half French

2. Half French Braid: If you can French braid, then you can achieve this adorable hair style. All you need is a few minutes, a small hair tie and beginner braiding skills to rock this fun ‘do. (via Parlor Diary)

Baby Hairs

3. Double Bun: Let’s face it: Growing up, we all wanted to be a Spice Girl. If Scary Spice was your alter ego, then this hairstyle is definitely for you. Just follow the steps of our favorite curly-haired blogger, Alyssa Wallace, on how to create this double bun look. (via @foreverflawlyss)

Braided Back

4. Braided Back: If you dig braids but desire a more subtle look, this braided-back style is what you need in your life — no hair tie required. (via The Small Things Blog)

Short Stack

5. Short Stack: This one is for the ladies who have freshly cut bobs. This style can be created without heat and is perfect to wear on a hot date. (via The Beauty Department)

Perfect Mess

6. A Perfect Mess: Have natural curly hair and wondering how to style it for that trip to the farmers’ market or a stroll around the city? Try this messy half-up bun style that makes you look like you just stepped off a tropical island. (via Creatures of Desire)


7. Twisted Crown: Wearing extensions can be a fun way to add volume to your hair. For those days when you want your new hair out of your face, this twisted crown style will do. (via Ariana Elizabeth Photography/The Fashionista Next Door)

Braid Crown

8. Rope Braids: This bohemian look is perfect to wear at your next music festival. You don’t need long hair to create the style — just start braiding your hair a few inches below your part, and you’ll be just fine. (via Love Maegan)

Extended Bob

9. Romantic Mess: To get these beach wave curls, try using hair products with sea salt. Next, part your hair in the middle, leaving two large sections of hair out to braid on both sides. Secure those braids with bobby pins, and voila! You’ve got a chic new hairdo. (via Sorority Stylista)


10. Waterfall Braid: You’ll need a friend and day-old hair to re-create this waterfall style. But hey, that’s what friends are for, right? (via Jesse/Once Wed)


11. Undone Half: To achieve this half top knot, check out our tutorial here. Not only can you wear it around town, but it’s also a great alternative look for the gym. (via truelane)

So what new hairstyles are you trying this spring? Let us know in the comments below!