If you’re happy and you know it… draw an emoji? [Insert double hand claps]. That’s exactly the aim of this quirky calendar that is designed to track your daily moods over the course of an entire year.

Printed as a striking series of 365 blue and yellow dots, the “How Was Your Day” calendar is designed to be drawn on every 24 hours with the happy, sad and “meh” faces that, at least since we’ve been flexing our thumbs texting, have come to represent the vast swell of human emotion. The conceptual cal acts like a brand-new way of monitoring time not based on what you accomplished — and not based on what’s coming UP on your to-do list at all. Instead, it helps you ritually record how you felt the Tuesday you closed that major deal at work :) or the Sunday you slept through your fave instructor’s yoga class :/

As you mark off your days with two dots and a dash, the unconventional calendar acts more and more like a shorthand journal that visualizes your annual ups and downs. Although the calendar isn’t year-specific and can be started at any old time, it can definitely be a helpful way to identify seasonal successes + stressors. See tons of smiles ’round Valentine’s Day (or maybe even a kissy face or two?) but notice that your grin flatlines in the last week of Q2 (And Q3. And Q4?). Your doodle diary could help you notice that edge you try to soothe by binge watching Scandal and find (productive) ways to turn that frown upside down.

Designed by Raquel Catalan in Barcelona, the calendar is the first in a series of three daily trackers that highlight different aspects of life (Second = Your love life, Third = ??). You can purchase the “How Was Your Day” print for $14 via Etsy.

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