It’s Monday. Which means when your alarm went off this morning, (and by alarm, we mean birds chirping, natch) you flung off the covers, your morning went perfectly, you skipped into work, opened up your inbox (zero emails, of course) and started a fresh to do list — nothing leftover from last week. Nailed it, right? Nothing else on your mind, another stress-free start to a stress-less week.

Um, probably not, according to this incredibly stressful heat map that plots what we are most stressed about:

And this one that shows how we respond to said stress:

The data was compiled from a survey of 2,500+ American adults to explore what stress looks like in our country. The top things making you pull out your hair are too many responsibilities, money, work and health. The band-aids we’re using right now to make it all momentarily better are sleep (well, more commonly a lack of it), food (both less and more) and exercise (more often than not, this one is taking a hit).

Click on over to Fast Co.Design (and follow their awesome Infographic of the Day series) for further breakdown by age, sex and income and to see where you “rank.”

And then click on over here for some Inspiration + Motivation, which we can all use right about now. It is Motivational Monday, after all… :-/ –> :-D?

What is stressing you out right now? What can we do to help? May we recommend a new project to help you relieve some stress!?