The holidays are a time for a lot of things. Wishbone snapping, dreidel spinning, tree trimming, White Elephant shopping. All of that stuff sounds like a blast, but we get it — IT IS ALSO STRESSFUL. Or at least everything all added up can be a bit of a nail biter. That’s why we’ll be coming at you every week with a few apps that hope to be the rays of sunshine in your snowy days. This week, What’s App-ening is filled with beautiful apps to take your mind off of things, an app that wants you to talk about your feelings and another that you can bring in the kitchen with you for all those upcoming Thanks/Friendsgiving festivities. Bon APP-etit!

1. Homes: Tiny Bop is back with a new adventure that lets little ones travel and explore beautifully illustrated homes around the world from your iPad or iPhone. Tour all the corners of Brooklyn brownstones and Mongolian Yer. Yes, this gorgeous work of digital art is for kids, but you’ll a) actually be okay with them getting lost in it and b) open this app up for a spin when they go down for a nap.

Cost: $3.99 on iOS

2. Emojiary: This app is like emoji therapy, meets emoji diary, meets emoji keyboard, meets your new favorite way to journal. Every day it will ask you how you’re feeling and you’ll respond with emoji and the option to put that into words if you want. As the days pass, you build a diary of emojified feelings that you can scroll through and reflect on at any point — there was that string of days that was, like [poop, skull and syringe], but after [sun, cha cha dancer, swirly pink hearts] everything’s coming up [cat with heart eyes].

As a bonus, they’ll throw in a new, can’t-find-anywhere-else emoji for you that you’ll be able to use when you open up the Emojiary keyboard in any convos. There better be a taco emoji in there. It’s just what we need on those poop-skull-syringe days.

Cost: Free on iOS

3. Simmer by Panna: This is the coolest cooking app we’ve clicked across in a while. From the bimonthly video cooking magazine, comes a way for aspiring chefs to cook together, the 2014/15 way. Simmer offers step-by-step video recipes that you can use to inspire your own culinary adventures or to inspire your own mini cooking show. Yes, this isn’t just about top chefs, you can create and share your own videos using just your iPhone and Grandma’s meatball recipe. The videos are broken down by step + easy to scrub through so you won’t miss a thing.

Cost: Free on iOS

4. Messenger: This Google-built messaging app will make you give iMessage the sideeye, iPhone users. It has all the bells and whistles you need and want in your go-to texting app — an option to take pictures and videos in the app, a way to send audio messages, an easy, quick search for finding specific contacts and convos — and it adds a beautiful design with colored text threads. Oo, there’s also the ability to block certain SMS senders.

Cost: Free on Android

5. Glow Nurture: There are a couple reasons this pregnancy health tracking app is back on our radar right now. First, you might have noticed Brit + Co articles in your feed. YES, you can read some of the top kids + parenting content from B+C on Glow Nurture too!

We’re also re-downloading (is that a thing?) Glow Nurture on our phones because their latest update brings something super crucial to the women using it: postpartum support. The app now offers a unique postpartum daily log to keep track of your symptoms and feelings, breastfeeding support, information and resources on postpartum depression and insights that no other apps out there are offering up.

Cost: Free on iOS

What was your favorite app download of the week? Share it with us below + let us know if YOU DL any of the above :)