These days, your wedding starts long before you find the perfect dress or pick a cake. Your wedding starts the second you take that engagement ring selfie. You know the one — nails manicured, diamond sparkling, “engaged” hashtagged. It’s basically like a pre-invitation and even a pre-save-the-date. Some people spend thousands of dollars to prep their hands for the photo (no, we’re not kidding), and while we don’t think it should go quite that far (although we do love a photo-ready mani), we def like to gawk at cute, clever, fun engagement ring Instas to inspire our own. Trust us, these pics are real gems ;)

1. Set the Scene: Did your proposal take place somewhere picturesque? Capture the setting with your photo, and don’t skimp on details in the caption. (via @memcdaniel13)

2. On the Spot: Nothing can beat the excitement of saying “yes” in a place like your favorite team’s stadium — even if it wasn’t broadcast on a Jumbotron. (via banke20medic)

3. Moody Blue: If your ring is something a little different, like this lovely sapphire, snap a pic of it in a place where the color can really stand out. (via @amysamanthabuck)

4. Kind of Candid: Even if you’re camera shy, you may still want to share your excitement with the world. A pose like this is perfect to share your ring and your smile without going full-on duck face. (via @charliepourit)

5. Hometown Glory: Location. Location. Location. Even if you don’t snap a pic at the very moment of the engagement, do it in a place that means a lot to you and your significant other. (via @kfurze)

6. Man of the Hour: While we love a great bling close-up, why not get a pic with the person who gave it to you? (via @brittneecann)

7. Selfie: If you want to announce your engagement to the world, you might as well get a good profile pic out of it. Your face is prettier than the ring anyway. (via @acornett)

8. Talk to the Hand: We love this idea. It’s funny, romantic and maintains your privacy. Although, if you want to do it in the moment, you may have to carry a Sharpie around until the question is popped. (via @nycoletalina)

9. Simply Stated: Leave it to Lauren Conrad to keep it classy. We’re not sure if this was planned, but the “Love” ring is so perfectly placed. It’s basically like a love poem is written on her hand. (via @laurenconrad)

10. Killer Caption: This definitely wins in the caption category: “He didn’t go to Jared’s, but whatever. I’ll take it!” Have fun with your words, and don’t forget to express your excited disbelief. (via alyssakalward)

11. Golden Hour: Everything looks better in the light of the Golden Hour. Snap your ring just before sunset for some romantic natural light — this app will even tip you off to the golden hours. (via cartergold)

12. Stylin’ Profilin’: Hopefully, your ring was chosen with your personal style in mind. Even though you can’t always plan your look for the day of your proposal, capture the best parts of your outfit to complement your new bling. (via @margoandme)

13. Shallow Focus: This is a great way to have more of you in the pic while keeping the focus on the ring. If you’re taking the pic on your phone, just tap to focus on the ring. (via @bethanymarieco)

14. Instant Replay: If you follow Murad Osmann on Instagram, you know that his pictures are all of him holding his now-fiancé’s hand in foreign places. We’re pretty sure this ideal staging wasn’t done in the moment of the proposal, but feel free to relive the moment with them and get ready to swoon each and every time. (via @muradosmann)

15. It’s Go Time: Wedding planning is basically a full time job, and if you’re like us, your first thoughts after the proposal are: “OMG, I HAVE TO START PLANNING.” (via @b_maren)

16. Bling Photobomb: No offense to your guy, but if he did a good job picking a ring, you’re going to want to show it to everyone even at the expense of his adorable face. Our very own Anj Temple knows how to photobomb with the best of them. (via @anjelikatemple)

What’s your ideal engagement selfie? Let us know in the comments!